There have been few things better than a cheeseburger, though in Minneapolis, a Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy, depending upon whom we ask) ups a cheesy, meaty ante.Essentially a cheeseburger turned inside out, a plate is traditionally done by layering slices of American or cheddar cheese in between two beef patties prior to theyre griddled. The resulting burger is ripping with fiery cheese in nearly each bite.Devoted Midwestern fans have been strongly widely separated about where to score this pressed burger or even who first came up with a crafty creation.Two neighborhood joints which have been practically a buns chuck divided from each alternative claim to have invented a Minneapolis staple: Matts Bar offers a Jucy Lucy, whilst a 5-8 Club has a Juicy Lucy. The plate has been around since at least a 1950s, though a battle for showing off rights rages upon today.If we want to knowledge a Juicy Lucy though cant have it to Minneapolis, check out Food Networks gallery of tip joints around a nation which have been slinging their own takes upon this cheese-stuffed package of perfection.