When Ina Garten worked in Washington, D.C., tiny did she know shed finish up in a utterly opposite career, initial handling a specialty foods store in Long Island as well as afterwards writing cookbooks as well as hosting a unequivocally successful in progress uncover upon Food Network. Now, years later, Ina returns to a nations collateral in a special Barefoot in Washington, premiering upon Saturday, Nov. 5 during 1|12c. After making assorted stops in a city to see how a culinary scene has transformed, as well as to reconnect as well as cook with longtime friends, Ina creates a single final stop during a White House to see how a gardens as well as a kitchen supply food for state dinners as well as a wider community. And prior to she leaves, Ina sits down to tea with Mrs. Obama.FN Dish not long ago sat down with Ina to chat about a special.Looking back during your days in Washington, D.C., did we ever consider we would be where we have been today in life?Ina Garten: No. Thats a genuine easy answer. You know, we left there not knowing what was starting to turn of me. we left a ideally great job in a White House to buy a grocery store what my relatives suspicion of as a grocery store as well as it incited out better than we could have imagined.What was it similar to being back in D.C.? What was many opposite right away compared to when we lived there?IG: Part of me felt similar to it never changed, though when we started looking during a food in Washington, we realized it had altered dramatically, since when we was there, we mean, we couldnt even buy a fritter of bread. It was similar to a wasteland. So, in a little ways it hadnt changed, as well as in a little ways it altered a lot.Not usually did we visit a White House, though we did a little culinary sightseeing. What sense do we consider viewers will get of a capital?IG: we consider which Washington has been remade over a past thirty years from kind of a tiny locale to a unequivocally sophisticated food town. So, we did a lot some-more than only go to a White House. we went to a little unequivocally interesting food things as well as consider thats unequivocally flattering considerable which its right away a single of a tip food places in a country.What impressed we many or surprised we many about a kitchen during a White House?IG: You cant hold how tiny it is. You only cant hold which Cris Comerford can serve 400 people for a formal state in progress from a kitchen thats smaller than a a single we have in my barn. Its amazing. Its only amazing. And we was unequivocally impressed, since we felt similar to a food is like, unequivocally good. we mean, its elegant, though its unequivocally great home cooking. Its not overly fancy as well as overly fussy. we was so impressed with what shes we do there.Do we consider a approach a White House cooks for a boss right away is a lot opposite than in a past?IG: we mean, we consider each boss has their own style, as well as we consider a Obamas is very, unequivocally comfortable as well as welcoming, as well as so we consider a food reflects that.One of a things a Obamas did otherwise from any of a some-more new administrations was start a kitchen garden. What was your sense of which operation?IG: Well, its fabulous. Its only an extraordinary grassed area with extraordinary varieties of vegetables, as well as theres a little ripened offspring trees, though it certainly has shabby what a kitchen produces. They make use of it for family meals, though they also make use of it for state dinners, as well as they actually give a little to shelters.Did we take any impulse for we do something in your own grassed area in Long Island?IG: we did take a picture of a purple chopped tomatoes which looked unequivocally appealing. we kept observant its most some-more pleasing than mine, since they have an complete team of people from a agriculture dialect which takes care of it. So, it is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.What was your a one preferred moment of being in Washington?IG: Sitting with Mrs. Obama. Its flattering hard to kick that. Its only a single of a practice Ill never dont think about for a rest of my life. Shes so comfortable as well as so poetic as well as so intelligent as well as so both delicate in her way, though incredibly clever as well as intelligent. Its only no consternation shes such a role model for women in this country .Tune in to Barefoot in Washington, premiering upon Saturday, Nov. 5 during 1|12c.