If Halloween snuck up on you (boo!), dont get tricked out of a Halloween treat. You dont need to deposit in hokey smoke machines or tangled cobwebs to get in a Halloween spirit weve got easy ideas for last-minute Halloween treats which have been scary-good, as well as perfect for a scary dish or take-to-schoolsnack. A last-minute costume, on a alternative hand, is a bigger challenge, as well as a single which well leave to you.All you need to make Sandra Lees Spider Bitesis 3 ingredients: semisweet chocolate chips, pretzel sticks as well as creamy peanut butter.Party ready in only 25 minutes, The Pioneer Womans sticky, crunchyCandy Corn Popcorn Ballsfrom Food Network Magazine have been assembled as well as studded with peanuts as well as candy corn in a flash.You dont necessarily have to do special selling to get a materials required for churning out scary treats. In fact, Food Network Magazines brand new swift of Spooky Snacks, like Cobweb Dipand horn-bearing Devilish Eggs, achievehigh stroke with ingredients already in your kitchen.Though roastingPumpkin Seedslike a ones in this recipe from Food Network Magazine isnt necessarily quick, its really easy. Bake leftover pumpkin seeds from any pumpkin carving youve finished over a weekend, then toss them with different spice mixes.Make mealtime additional scary by receiving classical white pizza in a brand new ghostly direction. TheseIndividual Spooky White Pizzascall on store-bought pizza mix to condense prep time,leaving you more time for face portrayal as well as wig fitting.Need more last-minute Halloween inspiration? Head on over to Food Networks Halloween headquarters.