New England vs. Manhattan-who will win?

Hello out there, our chowder loving friends. Today is a day to pay homage to this chowder soup stew. The thick, creamy soup has brought many of us comfort on a cold day, or just made our meal that much better, throughout our lives.

But we have also been stuck in an intense battle, one that many of us were born to without even realizing. Maybe we have been forced to choose sides. Maybe, we try and stay neutral. Maybe it is a tale of two star crossed chowders that have split friendships and families for generations. We are here, once and for all, to answer the age-old question: which chowder is better, Manhattan or New England?

battle, fight, rivalry

Let's look at the facts. 

New England:

1) pronounces it clam "chowda"

2) cream or broth based

3) features potatoes and onions sautéed in pork fat

4) goes very far back in history


1) tomato base

2) no cream

3) is said to have been created in the 1930s

And so the battle is on. This has been a rivalry spanning decades. It goes so far as certain areas of New England banning the use of tomatoes in their chowder, finding it that unbelievable that it is used as the base in New York. 

So which team will you side for? Are you going for cream or tomato? It's a touch one to make. One that we thought we may be able to do, but ultimately, cannot. While we won't completely decide for you here at Moby's, we do offer the best of both worlds on our menu so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. For us, the win is in the clam chowder, no matter which recipe it is made from.

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