The ocean's gift that was not in Wizard of Oz.

The ocean is a pretty magical place. All of us over here at Moby Dick's feel especially tied to it. Our name originates from a story about the sea, we are located right on the water in California, and we are mainly a seafood restaurant. So we always take time to appreciate the sea and all of the life that exists there and sustains us.

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The penaeus monodon, or tiger shrimp, is an animal that did not belong to us at first. It originated over in Asia, and is actually known more commonly as the Asian tiger shrimp or giant tiger prawn. Tiger shrimp are very large-they can grow up to a foot in length. They have the telltale black stripes, which are a characteristic of actual tigers. They are also known to be aggressive in their habitat, eating other shrimp, clams, and crabs. 

The species began what is known as invasive habituation in the 1980s, when they were first spotted in the coastal United States waters. Scientists have gone back and forth trying to figure out whether they are being carried in by currents or breeding. However, as they are such a popular shrimp to consume, their appearance in the western part of the world has been enjoyed by sea fishers around. 

Tiger shrimp have a sweeter flavor than the brown shrimp native to the U.S. Gulf, and that is why they are considered so taseful and are in such high demand. Here at Moby's, we have various dishes that use tiger shrimp, including our popular ceviche. The deliciousness of the tiger shrimp is one that has not gone unnoticed, and make our dishes here even better.

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