The Story Behind Our Name.

“Call me Ishmael.”

You’ve heard that line before. It is considered one of the greatest novel opening lines in history. It was written by Herman Melville for what was to become one of his most famous novels, Moby-Dick. Coincidentally, it is our name too.

Ever wonder where our origins came from? What the great story is behind our name? If you didn’t have to read it in school, now is the time to hear the story.

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Moby-Dick is a novel that was written in 1851 by Melville, an American novelist of the Renaissance period. It is a narrative of a sailor named Ishmael. Ishmael is on a quest with a captain by the name of Ahab. Ahab is the captain of the whaling ship Pequod, and his leg was bit off at the knee by the giant white sperm whale Moby Dick. Ahab is obsessed with exacting revenge on the whale and offers a money reward to the first man to see him. The boat begins a quest through the oceans to track the whale, as Melville describes the conquests and the unpredictable lady that is the sea.

The novel today is considered a pinnacle of American Romanticism, hailed as an American classic. It has been adapted or represented in art, film, books, cartoons, television...and of course, our restaurant. What better name for our restaurant that is inspired by the sea and all of her beauty. As you look outside at our oceanside views, you can almost picture that whaling boat, searching for its mammal ocean enemy.

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