Food and wine pairings that go best with each other.

The Golden State is known for many things: the weather, the people, and most importantly, the food. For the coastal cities especially, getting food fresh and locally sourced is an important part of the state’s culture. Moby Dick’s is part of that movement, establishing itself as a seafood restaurant with fresh, local, and delicious food.

So, you find yourself in Santa Barbara, settling down for a delicious meal, and you are now tasked with choosing the perfect beverage-wine, specifically- to compliment your meal. Wine has long since been a way to enhance the flavors of your meal. The various notes within the drink blend together to accentuate tastes and experience your meal in an even better way.

On this day, what do you decide? Moby Dick’s has an array of drinks to offer, with a wine menu included. Knowing the strengths of each wine with your food will help you choose the perfect wine to make your Moby Dick’s experience even better.

If you have ordered a seafood dish, ordering white wine is the way to go. The lighter the seafood-such as any type of raw fish-the lighter the wine you want to pair it with. Shellfish tend to pair well with lighter white wines as well as champagne. Light, drier whites as well as crisp, dry rosé also pairs well with white fish, salmon, and shellfish such as crab, mussels, lobster, and oysters.  If you are ordering a seafood pasta, a fuller white, such as a Chardonnay, will go well with the meal to compliment the heavier sauce.

seafood, shrimp, shellfish

While white wine is the usual go to for seafood, a light red wine can also go well with your meal. If you choose to go the untraditional route and order red, be sure to go with a meaty fish, such as salmon, so that the wine does not overpower your meal. If you are not in the seafood mood, never fear. Moby Dick’s menu also has turf options, such as their sirloin, that pair even better with red wine than seafood does. Heavier red wines go well with steak and beef, giving you many options to choose for your meal.

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And if getting our food fresh and local was not enough, many of the wines on our menu also come from California. Both northern and southern California have different versions of wine country: red coming from the north, while many of the whites come from central or southern California. You can sit at our table with the best pairings knowing that everything came from the ground or a boat to your table within the state.


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