Shaken, or Stirred?

A drink good for all occasions.

The origin of famous cocktails is many times murky in nature. Perhaps it is because there were many people there, celebrating another occasion without realizing a new creation was happening. Or maybe it is because a brilliant cocktail is rarely on purpose, and a product of a high energy environment. While the start of a drink may not be remembered, the character of the drink always is. Let us bring you to a famous line that made this cocktail more memorable than it already was: “Shaken, not stirred.”

Restaurant Martini Cocktails

James Bond, England’s greatest weapon, is known for his love of this classy beverage. The martini, a drink that has been around since the late 19th century, has an uncertain start; whether it was a bartender who accidentally created the drink, it evolved from another cocktail, or it was named after Martini vermouth, the martini is a versatile drink. The classic martini is served with gin and vermouth, and can be dry or dirty, shaken or stirred. It has many flavors, different recipes, and interchangeable liquor options.

Whether you are out for ladies’ night, trying to recreate a Bond moment, or just in the mood for olives, a martini can satisfy that craving. Any good establishment will have multiple options to pour into the V shaped glass. Moby Dick Restaurant is no different. Their martini menu section gives you multiple options, from lemon drop to espresso, all vodka based. Take a journey in treating your taste buds, and try our favorite one, named for the restaurant itself:


Spicy Martini Santa Barbara


1.       Absolut Peppar

2.       Bell pepper

3.       Jalapeno pepper infusion

This drink in the literal sense will spice up your evening. Not feeling a high risk, hot beverage? Maybe you want a different way to wake up? The Espresso Martini is the way to do it:


1.       Absolut Vanilla

2.       Kahula

3.       DeKuyper Hazelnut Liqueur

4.       Espresso Coffee

You may mistake the restaurant for your home in the morning and the menu for the morning paper the way this drink tastes like a cold brew on a Tuesday. If a jolt awake is not what you’re looking for, and you want to sink into something a little cozier and sweet, Moby Dick has a Caramel Apple and a Chocolate Martini. Each are served with vodka and sweet schnapps and cream, serving as a perfect dessert after a meal. And if you want something that feels a little more refreshing, their Pomtini, Apple Martini, Washing Apple Martini, and Lemon Drop Martini are all fruity and delicious.

The options are endless for whatever your palette is feeling. The beauty of that is, each martini can pair well with a different food. Spicy dishes can go well with citrus or sweet to balance the flavors. The Lemon Drop Martini especially goes well as a seafood compliment. And of course, any dessert martini goes well with a food dessert you might choose. The sweetness just keeps on building.

I guess the only question left to ask is, which flavor will you try, and will it be shaken or stirred?