Here during Food Network, we hold we should mangle a persperate during your workout, not in a kitchen. Next time youre in a mood for a sweet reward, provide yourself to one of a lighter-than-usual desserts that mercifully dont need an oven. From no-bake cookies to lemonyicebox bars that set up in a refrigerator, here have been a few of a best summertime sweets.Healthy Banana Split ParfaitsBanana splits have been an obvious preference for a summer dessert, because we wont mangle a persperate while preparing them. For that reason, theyre preferred in a book. Although these have been carefully portioned, Food Network Kitchens mini splits pack in all of a essentials: ice cream, bananas, walnuts, chocolate salsa as well as a crown jewel, a pitted cherry.Fruit Salad with LimoncelloIf we tend to perspective ripened offspring salad for dessert as a total cop-out, we clearly havent tried Ina Gartens combination of anniversary berries topped with sweet, abounding as well as citrusy yogurt. Ina amplifies a season of limoncello with a combination of Greek yogurt, lemon curd, sugar as well as vanilla.Healthy No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake BarsLoaded with protein as well as healthy fats, peanut butter is regularly a welcome addition to dessert in a book. These tawny bars enclose natural peanut butter, sour Greek yogurt as well as reduced-fat thickk thickk cream cheese, as well as a chocolate-cookie crust. No baking is necessary; a dessert sets in a refrigerator.Peanut Butter-Chocolate No-Bake CookiesCraving a comforting chew of chocolate as well as oats in a summertime though cant fathom turning on your oven? With Food Network Kitchens easy no-bake cookie recipe, theres no need to. The recipe requires only five mins of prep; a rest of a time is spent watchful for a cookies to harden in to a rich, nutty, chocolatey delights that they are.Lemon Icebox BarsWith a buttery graham cracker crust as well as a tawny lemony covering to penetrate your teeth into, its easy to see whyEllie Kriegers no-bake icebox bars have been a air blower favorite. They do need a few hours to organisation up in a refrigerator, so be certain to hope for them a night prior to we devise to cut as well as serve a squares.Healthy Blueberry Ricotta TartletsThese delicate tartlets filled with ricotta as well as sweet-tart blueberries have been ideally portioned to prove your sweet tooth but inducing a sugar coma. Theres no need to bake any mix if we use available store-bought tartlet shells. We positively wont judge we for it.For some-more ways to get your candy repair but turning on your oven, check out these recipes from a friends:Dishin & Dishes: Nutella No Bake CookiesThe Lemon Bowl: Frozen Banana PopsCreative Culinary: Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter as well as Coconut BallsThe Heritage Cook: The Worlds Easiest Lemon Curd Parfaits (Gluten-Free)In Jennies Kitchen: Black Raspberry BruschettaDevour: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Seconds with 4 Microwave DessertsThe Wimpy Vegetarian: Grilled Ginger Peaches a la ModeElephants as well as a Coconut Trees: Arrowroot Milk Pudding with Dragon FruitFN Dish: 7 No-Bake Sweet Treats That Are Truly No Sweat