We may not have systematic explanation of it, though around here you cruise it a fact which certain foods simply taste better in a good outdoors. And zero is better than a flame-kissed dish enjoyed around a campfire it was baked on after a long hike or a lake swim or merely after a exertion of figuring out how to put up a tent. All these recipes would be tasty baked in an oven or stovetop, though theyre no disbelief softened by a spirit of fume as well as crackle of flames which a campfire imparts, paired with an epic view.Camping SandwichesGuy Fieris pro camping tip: Make toasted, melty sandwiches by stuffing Pullman bread with camping leftovers as well as in progress over prohibited coals in a sandwich press (pictured above). Go savory with combos similar to chili as well as cheese, pepperoni as well as marinara, as well as mac n cheese with bacon, or whip up a dessert wich with cream cheese as well as berry preserves, or peaches as well as ricotta.Healthy Grilled French Toast Foil PacketsThis lightened-up version of French toast calls for a can of nonfat evaporated milk, which creates it perfect for campground cooking, since thats one less ingredient to keep cold than with customary recipes.Campfire Banana BoatsRee Drummond turns total bananas in to edible vessels to tip with caramel bits, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows as well as graham cracker crumbs. Place a foil-wrapped packets by a campfire flames, concede a mixture to melt, as well as devour a warm ooey-gooey goodness with a spoon.Foil-Packet Corn on a CobFire-roasted corn is one of summers greatest pleasures, though this recipe gilds a lily with a further butter, garlic salt, Old Bay taste additive as well as a sprinkling of Parmesan.Campfire BeansThrow some dried pinto beans as well as a ham pawn in to a pot set over a flames, as well as supplement some easy-to-pack veggies similar to garlic, bell peppers as well as an onion, plus some chili powder. After some time over a fire, youve got a smoke-kissed side thats robust sufficient to be a main with a further of cornbread.Foil-Packet Fish with Corn RelishThis tasty one-dish-wonder is explanation which camping food doesnt have to come with a side of compromise. Pack some striped drum on ice in your cooler (just in case you come behind from which fishing expedition without a locate of a day). Then supplement it to a foil packet along with corn, tomatoes, ginger as well as uninformed green spices for a light-but-filling, mess-free meal.Grilled Cherry CobblerJust watch this juicy fresh-fruit cobbler bubble away on a griddle or campfire. The recipe calls for gluten-free flour, nondairy milk as well as uninformed cherries, though you can simply swap in a customary versions of those mixture or make use of whatever ripened offspring looks best at a market.Smores with VariationsFile this in a Why didnt I consider of that? box: Ree creates smores a traditional way with chocolate bars, though additionally raids a candy aisle for peppermint patties as well as peanut butter cups, for some-more tasty options.Craving some-more campfire recipes? Check out our list of 50 Things to Grill in Foil for some-more flame-ready appetizers, entrees, sides as well as desserts.