This time of year, its tantalizing to pour out into grilling, throwing whatever mixture youve got onto the hot grates with abandon. We know you cant wait for to sup alfresco, though its value receiving the impulse to remind yourself of the basics generally when it comes to kebabs. These crowd-pleasing meals upon the stick are the large part of most the grillers regular rotation. Heres how to get them right any time.1. Dont dont think about to soak those skewers!If youre regulating wooden skewers instead of steel ones, dunk them in water for during slightest 20 minutes prior to you begin grilling. This minimizes the chance that theyll catch upon fire.Try it: Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Kebabs2. Cut mixture into identical sizes though position them smartly, too.If your bites are all about the same size, theyll prepare during the same rate the key factor in the successful kebab. But as the cut of beef tapers toward its ends, you competence have some pieces that only cant assistance though be thinner than the others.Put those in the center of the kebab, says Alexis Markowitz, recipe developer in Food Network Kitchen. There, they will be insulated by the alternative pieces, as well as stable from overcooking.Try it: Hoisin Chicken as well as Bok Choy Kebabs3. Dont bashful divided from cooking veggies as well as beef upon the same skewer.Although you can prepare some-more precisely by skewering beef as well as veggies separately, you similar to veggie as well as beef upon the same skewer, says Markowitz. you adore satirical into them together, as well as they explain season upon any alternative by touching (especially loyal with something similar to pineapple!).Try it: Chicken as well as Pineapple Skewers4. Dont overstuff your skewer.Leave some space between the mixture upon the kebabs. This allows the feverishness to circulate so the mixture can prepare evenly.Try it: Sweet-and-Spicy Beef Kebabs5. Get some assistance from aluminum foil.When Im grilling the some-more delicate unfeeling or fruit kebab (like one with tomatoes), you similar to to lay the piece of heavy-duty foil down upon the grill, as well as then prepare upon top of the foil, says Food Network Kitchen recipe tester Amanda Neal. This way, the produce still cooks as well as gets some char, though the direct feverishness is less aggressive as well as the kebabs stay intact.Try it: Pizza Skewers6. Grill over direct feverishness for the nice sear.For that summery burn you all enjoy during backyard cookouts, place kebabs over direct feverishness upon your grill. If they begin to get as well crispy prior to theyre cooked through, finish them over surreptitious heat.Try it: Build-Your-Own Shish Kabobs