Finishing off a burger with a great slice of cheese in a final moments upon a griddle works, though reason it rightthere. These all pressed burgers prove which burgers have been great to their very corewhen theyre pressed to a gills with cheese, bacon as well as more.Sunny AndersonsBacon-, Onion- as well as Cheese-Stuffed Burger(pictured above) might receptive to advice similar to a mouthful, though these burgerstake only 35 mins to reach your plate. Each smoky-meets-savory patty is bound up with a mixture of bacon, onion as well as grated pointy cheddar for max flavor.It might not demeanour similar to it during first glance, though Guy Fieris burger leader is distant from naked. Forget starting large with a piled-on toppings. The patty for hisKiller Inside-Out Burger with Worcestershire Tomato Ketchupispacked with bacon, chorizo, onions as well as Swiss cheese prior to it hits a grilled, then its topped off withhomemade Worcestershire ketchup prior to food time.Trisha YearwoodsCheese-Stuffed Burgersareideal if youre barbecuing for a crowd which digs variety. Stuff any patty with your guests go-to cheese, whether its pimento, mozzarella or blue cheese, then griddle them to ooey-gooey molten perfection.Ellie Krieger loads up her healthy Stuffed Turkey Burgerswith mozzarella as well as roasted red peppers for a burger thats gooey as well as sweetly hazed upon a inside.Smaller in stature,the patties for theseJuicy Lucy-ferslidersare formed around a brick of pepper Jack cheese. Once theyre grilled as well as juicy, top theburgers with spicy, browned onions.Burgers might be an American classic, though Food Network Magazines Manchego-Stuffed Pork Burgersput a Spanish spin upon it. With a eccentric cheese during a center, these patties have been extra flavorful, interjection to pimento-stuffed olives as well as spices which have been blended in to a pork.Load up upon some-more of our bestburger recipes right here.