Whether we have family gatherings or Friendsgiving programmed for after this month, crushed as well as crushed potato meals will likely have it onto your list presumably even for days following the large feast. Since crushed potatoes get some-more than their fair share of attention during this season, were shining the light upon the little non-mashed potato meals that deserve the place upon your cooking table.Hasselback PotatoesIf there were ever such the thing as the potato league, we think these spuds would be declared MVP. Hasselback potatoes have been easy to make, look great and, on tip of all, taste amazing. It takes usually the few extra blade cuts to transform the elementary oven baked potato in to this cover-worthy dish. By making skinny slices in to the potato, but not cutting all the way through, we get crispy edges upon tip of the feathery interior. Keep the plate elementary with Ree Drummonds recipe for Hasselback Potatoes (pictured above) regulating russet potatoes as well as the commanding of butter, olive oil as well as chives.Scalloped PotatoesScalloped potatoes can be the joy food delight upon par with mac as well as cheese. As the plate bakes, the layers of skinny potato slices concurrently soften, soak in the cream sauce as well as mix together. The potatoes marry well with rich, cheesy flavors, similar to in this Four-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes recipe, that calls for mozzarella, Asiago, Raclette as well as Parmesan.Made regulating the classical ham-and-cheese combo, Rees Scalloped Potatoes as well as Ham facilities everyday flavors in the comforting stew filled with an onion-based white sauce.Potatoes au GratinThe phrases scalloped potatoes as well as potatoes au gratin have been sometimes used interchangeably, yet scalloped as well as gratin impute to different aspects of the plate scalloped potatoes have been layered in the tawny sauce, whilst the gratin has the crispy cheese or breadcrumb topping. Food Network Magazines Garlic Potato Gratin(pictured above) is the gratin by as well as through, with the chicken gas bottom as well as the breadcrumb mixture scattered upon tip as well as via the mass of delicious flavors.We cant skip an opportunity to bring in our tumble favorite: spaghetti squash. In box we havent had sufficient fun regulating it in your go-to pasta dishes, similar to spaghetti squash as well as meatballs, we can have Spaghetti Squash as well as Potato Gratin. Grated Parmesan gives this gratin plate its classical crust.Potato-Bacon TorteIf youve had sufficient of casseroles, we can mix things up with the cake pan for Melissa dArabians Potato-Bacon Torte. This delicious cake has the buttery homemade crust as well as layers of potato as well as crispy bacon in the thyme-infused cream base.