For a initial time ever, not a single though dual Food Network pals forsaken by The Kitchen this sunrise for an epic Friendsgiving celebration. Nancy Fuller, Valerie Bertinelli as well as all 5 co-hosts took turns showcasing their best-bet recipes for all of a Thanksgiving feast, from a all-important turkey to a elementary drink as well as a dressed-up dessert. Nancy was all about a single plate a one-dish, to be exact. With a help of Jeff Mauro, she prepped her super-cheesy Root Vegetable One-Dish, a big-batch casserole filled with a whopping 5 seasonal picks celery root, parsnips, honeyed as well as Yukon bullion potatoes, as well as rutabaga baked during once in a singular pan.Take a look during a print above. After removing his hands on Nancys richly decadent side dish, laced with garlic-scented cream as well as both cheddar as well as Parmesan cheeses, Jeff showed off a hearty grin that spoke for itself; this is a single unforgettable holiday dish. This is going to be my a one preferred plate on a Thanksgiving table, he said, solid as well as simple.Now its up to you, fans. Were challenging you to write your most suitable captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this grinning impulse in a comments below. Want to try Nancys one-dish recipe for yourself? You can find it here.Tune in to The Kitchen on Saturdays during 11a|10c.