Are H2O sports your activities of preference during the summer months? Along with kayaking trips as well as stand-up paddleboarding at the beach come trips to the snack bar, clam shacks as well as barbecues. Find out only how much H2O fool around it can take to work off those summer favorites so we can regulate your diet accordingly.Mains & Sides:Lobster Roll = 600 CaloriesHold your breath; which butter- or mayo-drenched lobster sammie will require two hours of snorkeling to work off.Fried Clams = 400 caloriesA tiny sequence of this fried fave will meant one hour of H2O skiing for we to break even.BBQ Ribs (Half Slab) = 900 CaloriesCraving the outrageous portion of finger-licking ribs? Plan to kick it for three-and-a-half hours in the paddleboat to squander all those calories.8-Ounce Cheeseburger = 600 CaloriesPractice your flip turn! That big fat burger will have we swimming laps (vigorously) for one hour.Pasta Salad = 200 CaloriesA vast spoonful of mayo-drenched pasta salad final treading H2O for 45 minutes. Might be better to stick to the simple immature salad.Desserts:Strawberry Milkshake = 820 CaloriesSlather upon the sunscreen, because the vast shake from the renouned fast-food joint breaks down to four hours upon the body board.Banana Split = 1,000 CaloriesFind the little friends to split which banana split with. Otherwise, prepare for the little waterlogged fingers as well as toes after four hours of H2O aerobics.Peach Cobbler = 550 CaloriesA fruit-based dessert might seem similar to the better choice, but this classic summertime dessert still takes 90 mins of kayaking to bake off.Best Options:You can still suffer all those summertime foods, but be smart about portions as well as drive clear of greasy foods which are fried or soaked in mayo. Bring along low-cal as well as refreshing fruits as well as veggies to snack upon during your next beach bash, as well as go easy upon the glass calories whilst we splash your approach by summer.Dana Angelo White, MS, RD, ATC, is the registered dietitian, certified athletic tutor as well as owner ofDana White Nutrition, Inc., which specializes in culinary as well as sports nutrition.