Keep on with a California love.

Every city and state has traditions that are close to their heart. California, arguably, loves their Taco Tuesdays, allowing the workweek to get broken up with good tacos and good company.

The tradition is said to have originated in the early 1980s. Taco John’s a Midwest taco franchise, used it as a food promotion and trademarked the term in 1989. While the general public seemed far from thrilled the term was trademarked and it is not something regularly enforced, it is a fun fact that we did not know about our beloved Tuesday pastime.

tacos, taco tuesday, food

While we know that taco fillings can be everything from carne asada to potato to everything in between, we pride ourselves in Moby Dick’s having seafood tacos as their specialty. Being a seafood restaurant on the west coast and right on the water means our seafood dishes are worth noting. have our fish, lobster, crab meat, or shrimp tacos, or ask for the special of the day.

Cheers to another successful Taco Tuesday!

tacos, taco tuesday, food