3 of a Kind checks out 3 places opposite a nation to try something cool, new as well as delicious.As steakhouses recover popularity, cuts of beef beyond a New York frame as well as filet mignon have been creation their way onto menus. One of these cuts a ball beef is made from a upper apportionment of a top sirloin. Once a cooked, we can obviously see what inspired this steaks moniker, as a beef puffs up to resemble a baseball. This leaner cut has a rich flavor as well as is mostly less costly than a counterparts, creation it a home run for restaurants opposite a country.Wollenskys Grill, ChicagoLongtime steakhouse giant Smith as well as Wollensky decided to do something different during a armed forces along a Chicago riverfront in 2014. The location was remade to residence this glass-fronted gastropub, which facilities assorted cuts of beef from an in-house butcher, as well as qualification beer as well as shared plates. Sweeping views of a H2O add to a allure. On a lunch menu during Wollenskys Grill youll find a decadent top-sirloin ball steak, crusted with bone marrow as well as topped with cipollini onions.Mannys, MinneapolisYou can find only about any cut of beef during Mannys, as well as all have been dry-aged as well as hand-trimmed. The restaurant gives we a opportunity to get to know your cut up tighten prior to we even tuck in to it, as a steaks have been rolled out tableside via a beef trolley prior to diners fixation their orders. Take value of this pre-meal ritual to learn about your cut of beef as well as how it will be prepared. The ball steak, cut filet-style, is served a la carte as well as pairs perfectly with Mannys heaping portions of steakhouse sides similar to crush browns as well as loaded mashed potatoes.Pacific Dining Car Los AngelesThis stalwart of a Los Angeles dining stage is known for a 24-hour service (with reduced late-night prices to boot) as well as dry-aged budding steaks which have been a specialty here since a 1920s. The ball beef is one of Pacific Dining Cars most-popular cuts. Juicy as well as flavorful, this thick cut is served plain or with a preference of toppings similar to French truffle butter or cracked peppercorns. The restaurant offers a ball beef as a cooking option as well as additionally facilities a special 10-ounce late-night version made important in a film Training Day.Photos courtesy of Wollenskys Grill, MannysandHagop Kalaidjian