For Season 9, Worst Cooks in America has invited nine celebrities who cant prepare to take upon the challenges of Boot Camp. Mentors Rachael Ray as well as Anne Burrell have lots in store for these unsuspecting individuals. In their each day lives, these celebrities have been comics, TV actors as well as reality stars, though when it comes to the kitchen, theyre disasters waiting to happen. Tune in to the premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c to see the waggish left-handed unfold. Every day leading up to the premiere, well be revealing the star competitor upon FN Dish. Today its funny woman Nicole Sullivan.Nicole Sullivan has been behaving since she was 7 years old. She attended Northwestern University, where she complicated the classics. In 1995, Nicole assimilated the strange expel of MADtv, where her numerous memorable characters included the Vancome Lady, Antonia as well as Darlene McBride. Nicole has additionally appeared in King of Queens, Scrubs, Law & Order: SVU, Boston Legal, Monk, My Boys, Whitney, The Middle, Greys Anatomy as well as Cougar Town. And as the voice actor, Nicole has lent her voice to numerous animated facilities such as The Ant Bully as well as Meet the Robinsons, as well as to animated TV shows such as Kim Possible, Family Guy, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, BoJack Horseman as well as the Emmy Award-winning Penguins of Madagascar. Nicole now appears regularly upon the strike show Black-ish. Even yet Nicole thinks she can cook, her family doesnt necessarily appear to agree. So shes sealed up to get the little pointers from Anne Burrell as well as Rachael Ray. Learn some-more about Nicole.How would we report your in progress style presently?Nicole Sullivan: My in progress style is oversalt it, scorch it.What made we sign up for Worst Cooks? What do we plan to gain from this competition?NS: One day we would adore for my kids to say, Oh, Mom, can we make us your famous blank? we only dont know what that vacant is right now. Id similar to to prepare so my kids have been vehement to eat.Is there anything that creates we nervous about competing?NS: Everything creates me nervous about competing. Its terrifying, make no mistake.Besides Anne or Rachael, is there the chef or the food celebrity we admire?NS: we mean, Rachael Ray is sort of my jam, though who else do we like? Giada, we think, is unequivocally good. Barefoot Contessa we enjoy. we additionally similar to that Pioneer Woman. Shes kind of cute. we mean, its kind of weird. Its the stupid show, though we unequivocally similar to her.After this competition, what in progress ability level would we similar to to reach?NS: we mean, we wish to be brilliant, though thats probably not going to happen, so Ill settle for Hey, shes the great cook.Have there been any unequivocally great or unequivocally bad cooks in your life? Do we consider that had an effect upon you?NS: My mother is the unequivocally great cook, as well as she creates things up, she doesnt follow the recipes. Thats why we get the false certainty to do the same thing, though we cant do it the approach she does it. And afterwards we have the relations that is the misfortune prepare Ive ever we mean, we cant contend who, though similar to holy cow. One time we ate the pork chop as well as we almost threw up since it was so bad.Is there something thats prevented we from removing in to the kitchen some-more or doing some-more cooking?NS: we spend the lot of time in the kitchen. Thats the irony. we prepare the lot; only no the single wants to eat it.Whats your most-loved or most-hated kitchen tool or appliance?NS: we adore my mandoline, that slicer thing, though boy, it could take off your ride if youre not careful.What have been the little of the foods we similar to to eat? Do we have the guilty-pleasure food?NS: we mean, 70 percent of what we eat is the guilty pleasure. we adore pizza. What do we similar to to eat that people cook? we adore the great shortbread. we adore the great pot roast. we adore chicken piccata. Thats my the one preferred to order in the restaurant.Is there something that wed never catch we eating?NS: Oh, theres, like, so most things we wouldnt eat. we hatred tender onions some-more than anything, as well as tender tomatoes. Thats gonna be tricky if we have to taste that down the line. If the onions been in the sandwich, the sandwich is dead to me.If we could eat only the single thing for the rest of your life, what would it be as well as why?NS: Some bread-cheese combo. Bread as well as melted cheese. Any carb with melted cheese upon it.Whats the the one preferred plate we recollect from your childhood?NS: My moms spaghetti Bolognese. She creates it for me each time we see her. Its delicious.What is the weirdest thing that wed find in your refrigerator if we were to open it today?NS: we have dual things of baking soft drink in my fridge, since we hatred when fridges start to smell.When we get in to the kitchen, what have been the little of the things we cook? Do we have the signature dish?NS: My chicken chili. Ive made it the bunch of times . My kids wont eat it. My husband likes it OK, though when we give it to strangers when theyre watching football they appear all right with it. They appear flattering happy.Whats the misfortune kitchen mess youve had or the misfortune plate youve made?NS: we recollect the initial Yuletide we tried to cook, we literally lit the oven upon glow as well as had to mist it with the glow extinguisher, so my turkey was covered in white foam. we busted the unequivocally costly square of beef once. It was only black as well as afterwards brownish-red upon the inside, as well as my family was nipping it; it was similar to nipping gum.Whats the most-memorable dish that youve ever eaten? Tell us about the place, the people we were with as well as the dish we ate.NS: Theres the dish during the place called Mozza in Los Angeles, as well as its orecchiette, that is similar to pasta with toasted sage, sausage as well as Swiss chard upon top. we ate it as well as we literally proposed crying. It was the most-delicious thing Ive ever eaten in my life. we was pregnant, though, so we was the little emotional.Thinking of your competitors here, that of the other celebrities do we wish to take down? John said it was you.NS: OK, if John has me in his crosshairs, afterwards we have him. Touch, John.Which gift have been we competing for? What would it meant for we to palm them the check for $50,000 if we win?NS: Its Biancas Furry Friends during the North Shore Animal League. It would meant the ton. The work they do [is] to get untamed cats in to their place as well as to get them so they can be adopted. You know, Im the big cat lover, Im the big animal lover, as well as North Shore Animal League has been the single of my the one preferred charities for the long time. As distant as no-kill shelters [go], its the unequivocally amazing one.If we won Worst Cooks, how would we celebrate?NS: we would go out as well as eat, since afterwards theyd be like, You won with this? No, hopefully, if we win or not, if we can stay for the integrate weeks as well as sense the little some-more stuff, thats thrilling to me. we mean, we unequivocally honestly wish to sense how to do the couple of things.Watch Nicole Sullivan upon Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. Tune in to the premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c.