If youre skipping beef this Monday (or any day), demeanour to mushrooms to bulk up a plate that would otherwise be done heftier by a further of meat. Like beef, mushrooms have been robust as well as earthy, as well as they pack a stuffing punch that delivers a satisfaction you crave.In her recipe for Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup, Ina Garten opts for three varieties of fresh mushrooms shiitake, portobello as well as cremini to add not just season but also welcome hardness to her fan-favorite soup (there have been a whopping 400-plus user reviews of this top-rated recipe). The secret to her soup is making a homemade stock; its simmered with fungus stems as well as fresh thyme to create a full, bold taste, then its used to make up a soups broth, which is studded with buttery leeks as well as a fungus caps. To add richness, Ina adds white wine, half-and-half as well as cream for next-level decline as well as warming comfort.Get a Recipe: Cream of Wild Mushroom SoupMeatless Monday, an international movement, encourages people everywhere to cut beef one day a week for personal as well as planetary health. Browse some-more Meatless Monday recipes.