For Season 9, Worst Cooks in America has invited 9 celebrities who cant prepare to take upon a hurdles of Boot Camp. Mentors Rachael Ray as well as Anne Burrell have lots in store for these unsuspecting individuals. In their daily lives, these celebrities have been comics, TV actors as well as being stars, yet when it comes to a kitchen, theyre disasters waiting to happen. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c to see a hilarious left-handed unfold. Every day leading up to a premiere, well be divulgence a star contestant upon FN Dish. Today its comedian Tommy Davidson.As a single of a stars of a hit TV uncover In Living Color, Tommy Davidsons known for his versatility. He started his comedy career in Washington, D.C. Then in Hollywood, his initial TV purpose was in Partners in Crime as well as his film debut came in Strictly Business. Other film credits embody Bamboozled as well as Juwanna Mann. He starred in a documentary we Am Comic as well as has had three TV specials. Tommys appeared upon Real Husbands of Hollywood as well as Celebrity Wife Swap. Hes lent his voice to a animated series Youngins, The Proud Family as well as Black Dynamite. He recently starred in a TV movie Sharknado 4 as well as will shortly host a new series, Vacation Creation. His new commercial operation venture, Tongue Tied by Tommy Davidson, offers mens ties as well as suit accessories. But unfortunately for Tommy, hes never unequivocally had a time to get in to a kitchen as well as use cooking. Now whenever he does prepare something, its a subject of whether his kids will eat it or not. Hes signed up for Boot Camp with a hope of guidance a little new skills from Anne as well as Rachael. Learn some-more about Tommy.How would we report your in progress style presently?Tommy Davidson: Pedestrian.What done we pointer up for Worst Cooks? What do we plan to gain from this competition?TD: we didnt start off this way. we came here to kind of uncover how much we could cook, yet now Ive altered my mind since Ive been here for a minute, as well as now we wish to become a better cook.Is there anything which creates we nervous about competing?TD: Time. The clock. we can probably do anything if Im since enough time, yet if we put a time upon it, afterwards we unequivocally have to consider tough about everything Im doing, which is not a single of my strong suits, since Im creative. So, creativity, thats cool. Tactile tasks? Not so good.Besides Anne or Rachael, is there a cook or a food celebrity we admire?TD: Not really. This guys probably been left a long time ago, yet there was a Cajun cook whose cookbook we bought in Chicago from a late 1800s whose name we forget. Hes a black butler, so we know he must have been incredible. Wish Id have known his name.After this competition, what in progress skill level would we similar to to reach?TD: Id contend if Im a 57 now, numberwise, Id similar to to get up to about 80. That might be obtainable.Have there been any unequivocally great or unequivocally bad cooks in your life? Do we consider which had an effect upon you?TD: Ive been around all bad cooks, as distant as relations go. Any relationship which Ive been in, a lady can never cook. we dont know what which is, yet its been similar to that. Maybe its a new generation of girls. we dont know. But my mother was a great cook, yet alternative than which we havent been surrounded by a lot of great cooks, personally.Is there something thats prevented we from getting in to a kitchen some-more or we do some-more cooking?TD: No, only schedule. Only schedule, since my kitchen is right there. we can do anything we wish during any time, yet Im always gone, so now we get to re-evaluate that, though. This uncover is giving me a whole lot to consider about. we didnt consider which was gonna happen. we suspicion we was gonna come upon here as well as only kind of uncover everyone what we know as well as afterwards get out of here, yet Im gonna have to essentially be involved.Whats your most-loved or most-hated kitchen apparatus or appliance?TD: Choppers dominate me . Choppers as well as slicers have been a only equipment which Im not as well informed working with, since we came up in an industrial atmosphere. Im used to industrial choppers, industrial slicers, as well as now this is done during home stuff. Its a lot some-more tiny as well as cosmetic as well as dainty. So, its kind of scary. So, Ive got to kind of only stay focused upon that.What have been a little of a foods we similar to to eat? Do we have a guilty-pleasure food?TD: My passion is Jamaican food, as well as my guilty pleasures Capn Crunch. Out of everything we pick that. Thats a big beast secret. Of all this blow up food, Ill take a box of Capn Crunch peanut butter [cereal] any time. Thats kind of sad.Is there something which wed never catch we eating?TD: Yeah, escargot.If we could eat only a single thing for a rest of your life, what would it be as well as why?TD: Jamaican food.Whats a a one preferred plate we recollect from your childhood?TD: Eggs a la goldenrod.Whats a initial plate we learned to make? How did it spin out?TD: The initial plate we ever attempted to have was eggs a la goldenrod, as well as it came out pretty damn good. [I was] probably about 8.What is a weirdest thing which wed find in your fridge if we were to open it today?TD: Always Popsicles. Thats a staple. Theres a kid sitting next to we right now. A deprived child. we get a big ripened offspring pack. So, we know, orange is usually left out till a end, yet a cherry, a grape as well as a raspberry . Berry dude.When we get in to a kitchen, what have been a little of a things we cook? Do we have a signature dish?TD: My white-haired wings as well as my carne asada, which is my Cuban steaks, as well as my black beans as well as my white rice. we additionally have this thing we call honeysuckle tomatoes, which is unequivocally great too. Thats with my own vinaigrette which we have as well as sliced tomatoes with capers, chilled, frozen as well as afterwards thawed as well as afterwards served. Tastes sensational.Whats a misfortune kitchen mess youve had or a misfortune plate youve made?TD: we went to a Chinese market as well as tried to do these pig chops, as well as we dont know, it was a monstrous mistake. we tried to do them with a little kind of oyster sauce, something we was feeling during a time. My kids didnt even touch it.Whats a most-memorable dish which youve ever eaten? Tell us about a place, a people we were with as well as a dish we ate.TD: The most-memorable dish is probably a cook crony of cave [Chef Stefano] in Pittsburgh, whos an Italian cook which only lays out everything he makes, as well as hes superb. He is superb, as well as my a one preferred dish, hes got this veal-stuffed banana pepper. And a way he does his steaks we dont consider Ive ever tasted any better food than his.Thinking of your competitors here, which of a alternative celebrities do we wish to take down?TD: You know what? Not really. Not really. we consider my foe is myself here. Im not trying to be diplomatic. To me a foe is myself. Im not a single which focuses upon which kind of stuff. we kind of only wish to let it drip down through my hands. This is an opportunity for another area of growth. So, we guess only as an Olympic swimmer, youre looking during a time as well as focusing upon your stroke. Thats kind of what its similar to for me. Im as well sensitive for competition, since Ill go: Here, we win. Go ahead, its all you. Ill try to do something for someone. Nah, we deserve it. Id forfeit.Which gift have been we competing for? What would it mean for we to hand them a check for $50,000 if we win?TD: For a Down Syndrome Foundation of Orlando. Coming to understand which Down set of symptoms affects so many immature kids as well as immature adults as well as adults as well as creates them different, as well as which can be an isolating feeling in a multitude where a importance is upon perfection. So, look during their dilemma: Were in a multitude which emphasizes perfection, as well as theyre viewed to be imperfect, as well as we have empathy for that.If we win Worst Cooks, how would we celebrate?TD: Id wish to celebrate with a two hosts. Id wish to only sit down with them as well as only be their crony as well as pick their brain, since if we could only be unprotected to what they know, Id be better down a line. Its kind of similar to getting to be friends with Santa Claus. You know youre always going to be surrounded with these gifts. Theres got to be extra.Watch Tommy Davidson upon Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. Tune in to a premiere upon Wednesday, Sept. 14 during 9|8c.