Fill your fridge, stock your bar as well as dust off your cooler. The long weekend is almost on us, as well as no emergency trips to the store should come in between we as well as your holiday schedule: sip, dip, repeat. Add the refreshing twist to your weekend plans with these cant-miss summer cocktails. Whether youre feeling nationalistic or only seeking something new, weve rounded up the very most appropriate splash recipes to celebrate summer.Fireworks Red, White as well as Blue Daiquiris(pictured above)Three graphic flavors come together to create the nationalistic striations in this layered frozen drink. The red covering is done by blending watermelon as well as strawberries with rum, whilst the white covering is combined with coconut sorbet as well as lime. Blue curacao as well as passion fruit liqueur provide the blue layers bold hue.White Peach, Tarragon as well as Bubble SangriaTapioca pearls supplement the bit of caprice to this bubble-tea-like sangria thats flavored with fragrant elderflower liqueur as well as honey-sweet white peaches. One recipe creates the large batch, so its undiluted for portion in the punch play or vast pitcher.Watermelon MojitosIna Garten loves to make these summery mojitos for her husband, Jeffrey. She uses ripe watermelon as well as fresh mint, combining them with simple syrup as well as white rum for the dainty as well as super-refreshing warm-weather cocktail.Jalapeno Margaritas from Food Network MagazineMake the large batch of margaritas with the sharp kick. Blend the fresh jalapeno pepper with orange extract prior to mixing with tequila as well as orange liqueur. Stow the reduction in the pitcher to have margaritas on the rocks at the ready. Dont dont think about the salt!Black as well as Blue Berry SangriaSummers berry annuity is on full display in this dark nonetheless refreshing sangria. Its done with red wine as well as flavored with black raspberry liqueur, mixed-berry vodka as well as loads of fresh blackberries as well as blueberries.Raspberry Lemonadefrom Food Network MagazineFor teetotalers as well as youngsters alike, we havent lost to embody the tasty nonalcoholic option. Ree Drummonds Raspberry Lemonade is tart as well as delicious. Those imbibing can always spike it with lemon or raspberry vodka.What will we be drinking this weekend? Tell us in the comments!