Last night Chopped Grill Masters continued with Part 2 of a five-part barbecuing as well as barbecuing tournament. In any of a 4 preliminary rounds, 4 expert grillers, barbecuers as well as chefs from opposite a nation compete for 4 spots in a finale, where usually a single will win a grand champion title. In this second part, 4 extreme competitors took up a challenge, though in any turn a single cook got knocked out; in a end, usually a single remained, winning $10,000 as well as starting on to a culmination for a possibility during an one some-more $50,000 in cold, tough cash. Hear from a Chopped Champion.The BasketsAppetizer: lamb belly, oven baked beans, flatbread dough, grilled grapefruitEntree: sea urchin, reginelle, leeks, side of halibutDessert: cinnamon rolls, tamarind candies, marshmallows, strawberriesElimination DetailsFirst round: Nate Berrigan-DunlopSecond round: Karen MitchellFinal round: Christopher SchobelWinner: Sophina UongJudges: Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag, Michael ChiarelloSophina came in to a competition anticipating to prove to herself as well as everyone in her life that she could kick a best of them for a possibility during a win. And she succeeded turn by round. For a appetiser plate she was a usually competitor not to grill a flatbread, though a preference backfired, as Amanda would have elite it grilled. Luckily, that wasnt sufficient to forestall Sophina from some-more advanced to a entree round, where she did a good job of showcasing a sea urchin. The usually critique was that her halibut skin got soft instead of staying crispy. Going in to a dessert round, Sophina was assured she had a win in a bag, desiring her skills to be some-more advanced than Christophers. Unfortunately, both chefs slightly burnt a cinnamon rolls. And Sophinas preference to smoke a marshmallows made them all though vanish in a finished dish, according to a judges. Despite a critiques, Marc couldnt get sufficient of a smoked strawberries, as well as in a finish her dessert edged out Christophers. Sophina survived a chopping block, winning $10,000 as well as a spot in a finale, where shell face last weeks winner, Jonathon Sawyer, as well as a subsequent two Chopped Champions for a possibility to win an one some-more $50,000.What did we consider of a basket ingredients?Sophina Uong: The baskets were awesome, only so much harder than we imagined.Which basket did we consider was a hardest?SU: we consider a dessert basket was a hardest for me. After a second round, we kind of overthought everything. The hardest partial of a dessert basket, we think, were a cinnamon rolls, since we had already boiled a dough, as well as we wasnt unequivocally thinking that we could bake a cinnamon roll in time to transform it in to something else.Is there anything we wish we had done differently?SU: we wish we wouldve slowed down as well as unequivocally thought about dessert prior to we started cooking, prior to we started creation all these accents as well as we had forgotten what a bottom of a dessert should have been.What plate were we many proud of?SU: we consider that we killed it in a first march with a lamb.What is your barbecuing philosophy?SU: My barbecuing philosophy is to marinate, season unequivocally well, cook it during a tall heat as well as let it rest.What did it mean for we to compete?SU: we competed today since we only wanted to prove to myself that we could win, as well as that we would have to overcome a lot some-more obstacles only desiring in myself, that is partial of this process, this talking-out-loud kind of process as well as removing outward of my head as well as my joy zone .Do we have a strategy, starting in to a finale?SU: Going in to a finale, my plan is to be some-more focused on my dishes, to bring a lot some-more season as well as not hold back.If we do finish up winning in a finale, what are we planning to do with a prize money?SU: If we win a $50,000, we will be starting to Cambodia with my daughter as well as my fiance.Stay tuned for Part 3 of a Chopped Grill Masters tournament, subsequent Tuesday during 10|9c, to find out who earns a third spot in a finale.