When it comes to Worst Cooks in America, there arent most alternative mentors which can flog Chef Anne Burrell, who holds a record for most wins, six out of eight. But in Season 9, code brand brand brand new mentor Rachael Ray coaching usually her second deteriorate in a array rose to a top with luminary partisan Loni Love. Her strategy of finding what her partisan loves about food, as great as bringing which to a forefront worked successfully. Loni cooked a Southern joy menu which came true from a heart which overwhelmed as great as tender a judges who awarded her a win. Loni left with $50,000 for her charity, a American Red Cross. And Rachael leaves with utterly amazing bragging rights, carrying broken Annes record.FN Dish sat down with Rachael upon a set of Worst Cooks to find out some-more about how she approached a culmination as great as coaching Loni to a win, as great as what she suspicion about being in a foe with Anne.How would we total up this entire deteriorate of Worst Cooks: Celebs? How did we approach it?Rachael Ray: It was such an sparkling season, since we was rooting for people upon my team, though we additionally kind of fell in adore with a couple people upon a Red Team. Its tough for me to juggle romantic players similar to The Sitch upon Annes team, though he was so sincere as great as he cooked with such usually vigor as great as probity as great as integrity, as great as he was perplexing so hard. Like sometimes we couldnt even watch him. Id have to peek away, since he brought me to tears how tough he tried. So, there were unequivocally romantic players upon both of a teams. On a team, we adore Double L. Double R as great as Double L had a mutual admiration society. we adore John whos so droll as great as Ive been a fan of his for years. Hes usually so smart as great as its my kind of amusement . And, we know this is Annes residence basically, all of Worst Cooks Celebrity as great as true up. So, we try as great as sense from her as a manager too, since shes so great during it, as great as Im code brand brand brand brand new during it. This is usually my second deteriorate upon a show, though we do consider which we additionally have to roll with a small bit of my own style, as great as a approach we similar to to work is we feel if a chairman is unequivocally committed to a type of food which theyre preparing as great as its what they wish to eat as great as its what they wish to sense a most, which even if its not my favorite, its kind of my pursuit to try as great as sense them how to do which for their final so which they can be unequivocally excited about removing it right. So, my kind of food is Mediterranean cuisine. we prepare largely Italian food during home, grew up in an Italian domicile with multi-generations. So, thats my first diet, though Loni wanted her food to reflect her favorites, as great as she loves Southern joy food, so she unequivocally wanted to reinvent her a one preferred meals for a code brand brand brand new generation, for a code brand brand brand new palate, for a code brand brand brand new audience, a code brand brand brand new customer. So which was a idea as a team, as great as we consider which operative together we came up with a really beautiful menu which she did really, unequivocally great at. And it was a lot of work.Would we have ever suspicion from a beginning which Loni would have ended up in your top two?RR: Lonis a really romantic as great as ardent droll woman. She positively brought a lot to a kitchen from Day 1 with personality. we didnt know what her skillset was, though she grew so quick so fast as great as it turns out which in a end, her food has as most celebrity as she does, as great as she was really committed to carrying things pierce fast as great as efficiently, as great as of a dual of us we was for certain a basket case during a main cook. we was babysitting her similar to a mama hen. we attempted to step off, though its usually so tough when youre so committed to someone not to overmanage them, though it unequivocally took me by surprise, since we thought, oh Im crushing her brain, Im usually in a second turn of this pursuit as a coach. we gave us fundamentally a 30/70 shot, 30% possibility of winning, 70% possibility of definitely being schooled as great as losing, so we was pretty repelled in a finish which we won.What were some of a ups as great as downs of a final cook? What was Lonis weakness? She forgot to put a bacon upon a dish, for example.RR: we consider she usually ran out of time. we consider a time government as great as a food which we rebuilt when we were operative together learning a meal for a finale, a plates were improved with a difference of a grits we consider got improved a second time around, though we suspicion a alternative dual meals actually came out improved a first time around. But as Julia Child regularly says, usually a prepare knows what happens in a kitchen, as great as a row of culinary experts positively doesnt know which a day before it was usually a small bit tastier.You had a unequivocally tough time selecting between John as great as Loni in who to take to a finale. What was your A-ha moment when we decided to go with Loni?RR: When we had to choose who to take to a finale, we asked my recruits to usually describe to me what it meant to them, as great as in Johns case he pronounced how devoted he was to a gift he was personification for, as great as in Lonis case it was kind of a multi-tiered thing, a joining to what shes learned as great as her peculiarity of hold up as great as overall education as great as her charity, as great as when it comes down to it all of these people woe themselves for a great of their charity, we usually suspicion a some-more well-rounded explanation for wanting to go to a culmination came from Double L as great as John was a gentleman about it to a nth degree, he was really cold as great as he told me off camera which he suspicion we finished a right decision. He suspicion which Loni was a stronger player to win.Last time we spoke, we pronounced youd need beginners luck to win opposite Anne. After winning, do we feel similar to we have a some-more concrete strategy?RR: You usually got to go in to a foe with an open mind, chose a most appropriate players which we consider will listen to we effectively. we consider each time we play this diversion it has to be a combination of throwing all youve got during them, all a knowledge we could share, though we additionally unequivocally have to sense to appreciate their personalities as great as how people learn. Everybody needs opposite technique when it comes to that, so its a tricky diversion as great as we dont consider theres any certain bets no matter how long youve finished it as Chef Anne has valid as great as beginners luck was a flip answer though we dont consider which winning once equates to a mountain of beans going in to another round.How does it feel to have warranted bragging rights opposite Anne?RR: You know we regularly suspicion we was a super rival person, as great as we similar to to usually do a pursuit if we can envision myself you do it really well. we similar to to see expansion within my code as great as expansion in my kitchen as great as expansion in my food, though we additionally similar to to stay true to who we am. we have regularly had a fierce rival inlet if its something we consider Im great at. we consider which its kind of mocking which upon this uncover we adore as great as have so most respect for Chef Anne which we feel guilty if we win. we was like, Oh no we hope Annes not insulted. we was thrilled for Loni, as great as thats how we enjoyed it. we suspicion it was so relocating as great as amazing which she came from this as great as afterwards won. That was a approach we needed to experience a win since we additionally felt similar to deference to Chef Anne since we have such respect for her as great as her food that, similar to we was kind of scared to demeanour during her. So, it was a uncanny prodigy since Im not similar to that. we adore to flog ass, generally with my food, even if youre my most appropriate friend or my mama, we similar to bragging rights. It was a uncanny sensation. we had to kind of sense a code brand brand brand new approach to enjoy a win. Had to be about a alternative person, not about me during all. Weird, right? Trippy. It was really trippy.