Dream. Come. True. A open drinking soda soda soda fountain which offers up not H2O though Italian red wine (Montepulciano dAbruzzo, to be precise) for free, 7 days a week may sound like a stuff of fantasy, though it is actually right away a thing.Earlier this month, interjection to a joint effort by a Cammino di San Tommaso (aka a Way of St. Thomas) as well as Dora Sarchese vineyard, a soda soda soda fountain charity giveaway local wine to parched hikers was unveiled in Caldari di Ortona, in central Italys Abruzzo region.The soda soda soda fountain is situated along a Cammino, a 196-mile trek which stretches opposite paths as well as roads, informal parks as well as inlet reserves, from a locale of Ortona to Rome. Religious pilgrims as well as extraordinary tourists flock there every year as well as lets face it, all which walking can have a person flattering darn parched.Flowing inside of a gorgeously country wooden barrel, a wine soda soda soda fountain is in a groundwork of a sensuous Dora Sarchese vineyard (see a video on a vineyards Facebook page) as well as has already welcomed people from all over a world as well as gotten loads of media coverage. In fact, Nicola DAuria, a key force in bringing a soda soda soda fountain to fruition, says that, to house a astonishing turn of interest, a soda soda soda fountain may need to be moved.Speaking to a headlines opening StartupItalia!, DAuria confirms which a soda soda soda fountain is regularly open, nonetheless he clarifies which it does close during night, for logistical reasons. Supervisors have been regularly onsite to have sure drinkers have been of age.Its all really civilized: People sip happily; theyre not socking down potion after giveaway potion as well as removing snockered.Those who come to drink, splash a glass, not more, DAuria told StartupItalia! (translation from Italian pleasantness of Google translate). And then we discuss it we a single thing: The Abruzzo farmer culture has it which when someone comes in to a house, a first thing we give them is a potion of wine.Now if only they could span it with a fresh-pasta fountainPhoto pleasantness of @dora_sorchese