"Each of we will have 60 minutes to prepare a plate of your life," Giada De Laurentiis told a finalists upon Sunday night. "And have sure, we guys, which a plate we have leaves no doubt which we should be a subsequent Food Network Star."That's a little pressure, huh?The four hopefuls who remained during which indicate in Sunday's brand new episode knew which their offerings had to be a little of their best in a foe as well as ultimately 3 of them delivered upon a high demands. Damiano's superb cake, Jernard's confidant pig chop-mac as well as cheese combo as well as Tregaye's surf-and-turf brunch shined with not only considerable flavors, though additionally with a competitors' signature points of view, so most so which these 3 finalists clinched a coveted 3 pilot opportunities.Now it's your turn to try your hand during these all-important plates. Get a recipes for Damiano's, Jernard's as well as Tregaye's offerings below.Smokehouse Pork Chops with Mac as well as Cheese(pictured above)Jernard serves his proposal pig chops with a sticky, hazed glaze featuring chipotle peppers as well as a bit of brown sugar for balanced flavor. When it comes to a macaroni as well as cheese, follow his lead as well as supplement chunks of succulent lobster for over-the-top indulgence.St. Honor CakeDelicate nonetheless indulgent, Damiano's considerable dessert features layers of crispy puff fritter built with vanilla-scented thickk cream as well as buttery, ethereal thickk cream puffs.Deep-Fried Lobster Surf 'n' Turf with Corn Cake Short Stack as well as Roasted Red Pepper SyrupThis isn't your bland roller as well as turf. Not only is a seafood fried, though it's incited into a brunch-ready dish, as it's finished with a poached egg as well as creamy paprika-spiked hollandaise sauce.Tune in to a finale of Food Network Star upon Sunday during 9|8c to find out who will turn Food Network's newest Star.