American cheese gets the bad rap. Its as well processed, people say. Its not real. There competence be truth to these critiques, though the single alternative thing is certainly true: Its just so good. Melted to the undiluted consistency, American cheese definitely has the place in the recipes. Here are six you know youll love.Classic American Grilled Cheese (above)This ones the no-brainer. American cheese was practically created to be melted in in between two slices of pillowy bread. Jeff Mauros version pairs the white cut with the yellow cut for the undiluted eye-catching mixture.Ultimate Backyard Burger Of march the burger has also regularly been the home for the cut of American. And this mouthwatering recipe includes another undeniably addicting ingredient: bacon. (Dont dont think about the homemade ketchup as well as the grained mustard aioli either.)Grilled Cheeseburger KebabsWe wanted to dream up the approach to put the cheeseburger upon the stick (what could be more fun, right?). To stop the American cheese from melting all over the hot grill, you stable it in in between slices of bread. So this recipe is fundamentally the mini grilled cheese as well as the mini burger, which creates it an instant winner in the book.Chicken CheesesteaksThough chicken doesnt traditionally fill the cheesesteak, you think this turn upon the dish from Food Network Magazine pairs just as well with which melty cheese (of course, if you must swap in Cheez Whiz or provolone, you wont stop you).Baked Macaroni as well as CheeseGood ol American provides the informed out-of-the-box season to homemade macaroni as well as cheese. But spices, Havarti, cheddar as well as the cracker crust rouse this recipe to new, tasty heights.Roasted Vegetables as well as Truffle Mac n CheeseOr, if youre like Damaris Phillips, you can enjoy a little gooey mac-and-cheese mixed with roasted carrots, corn as well as broccoli and a little fancy truffle oil. Why not?