For the first time in Chopped history, Bobby Flay is entering the arena, primarily as the decider as well as then as the competitor. In the brand new tournament Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, premiering upon Thursday, Oct. 20 during 9|8c, twelve chefs will try their luck in three preliminary rounds. Three champions will make it into the last round, as well as during the end of it the singular most appropriate aspirant will get the chance to conflict Bobby in the wild-card round, which will determine if its even possible to beat the master of foe himself, Bobby Flay.FN Dish caught up with the indomitable Bobby upon the set of Chopped to discuss about how hes judging the competition, what he expects from the last round, his advice for the chefs as well as what it takes to beat him. Read upon to learn Bobbys most appropriate traits in competition.How is it serving as the decider to these competitors the single of them youll eventually be competing against?Bobby Flay: we mean, its actually kind of nice, since Im unequivocally looking for the most appropriate person which can take me upon later upon in the competition, as well as Im not unequivocally meditative about who Im starting to take on. Im actually judging it formed upon whats in front of me during the moment, so formed upon who theyre participating opposite as well as what theyre cooking.When youre looking during these contenders cook, have been we analyzing them, seeing what their weaknesses as well as strengths have been as well as what their in progress styles are?BF: we consider we certainly get the clarity of that, formed upon examination them cook as well as tasting their food. Im not unequivocally overly meditative it, though we get the clarity of how great somebody is just from examination their movements as well as then tasting the finesse upon the plate.Do we have any advice for these competitors or any pound verbalise for them?BF: we have no pound talk. we consider its important to cook within yourself as well as not try to be concerned about what Im starting to make though basically try to make the most appropriate plate which they can make as well as put their most appropriate foot forward, as well as during which indicate they can try to beat me.Do we have an thought what the baskets competence be in the last round? How will they get picked?BF: Its their signature dish, so we dont know what the baskets will be, though we consider what Im told is which its starting to be their signature plate as well as the little basket ingredients. So, therell be dual surprises for me.Is there the single part which youd hatred to find in the basket?BF: Anything decorative similar to gold dust, marzipan, things similar to that.Do we have anything in thoughts in advance which youd similar to to create, or do we wish to just let the mixture verbalise to we in the moment?BF: we cant even imagine what it competence be, since we dont know who it is, as well as Im almost never right about what the directions starting to be. Almost never.Thinking about all the foe shows youve been on, similar to Iron Chef as well as Beat Bobby Flay, what have been your strengths when it comes to competitive cooking?BF: Im really the more savory cook as opposed to fritter as well as things similar to that. we would say often meats, things similar to beef as well as pork, any alternative kind of red meats, similar to lamb, venison, things similar to that.What does it take to beat you?BF: we consider probably something thats not in my wheelhouse. Im not unequivocally great with Asian flavors. we similar to to eat them, though Im just not which adept during them in conditions of cooking. Anything in the fritter department batters, doughs, things similar to that. we mean, we can do it, we can get by, though if somebody does something incredibly elaborate, Im starting to have the hard time gripping up with it.When it comes to competing in general, what do we similar to about it the most? Youve mentioned which its arrange of the form of athleticism for you.BF: Yeah, it is. Its really the form of athleticism. It gets my adrenaline up as well as it keeps me upon my toes, as well as also it keeps me sharp.Watch the premiere of Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay upon Thursday, Oct. 20 during 9|8c to see wholl be starting up opposite Bobby in the finale.