By Angela CarlosThe last turn of Chopped Teen Tournament wrapped up this week with a a single lucky winner walking divided with showing off rights as well as a $25,000 prize. Each of a 3 rounds of mystery baskets had their surprises, though a eyes focused upon a snack basket.Sure, we enjoyed examination a contestants incorporate confetti popcorn into their merguez as well as mussels appetizer, as well as later we reveled in seeing a last two mangle down a gelatin fishbowl for their dessert course. But who would have suspicion which okra would be a star of a snack round, outshining budding rib, funnel cake as well as even a candied dusty crabs?Okra is versatile. Stew it, steam it, grill it we name it. But not each cooking process is ideal for this unfeeling because it has a gooey secret. Kamryn was spot-on with her tempura boiled okra. Similarly, Elianas breaded as well as boiled okra was a strike as well. Unfortunately, Lyannas Jamaican callaloo stew done with a bottom of a pureed unfeeling highlighted its gooeyness in not utterly a best way.There is still a single process for scheming okra which none of a contestants tried: discerning pickling. Pickled okra is a favorite. The briny ambience pairs ideally with a texture of okra, as well as when we arent hampered with a countdown clock, there is plenty of time for pickling.We dont have a patience for a traditional pickling process when it comes to a okra, so we make use of this time-cutting technique: Bring your favorite high seas to a boil. You can add aromatics to customize your pickles. Once a high seas is boiling, reduce it to a cook as well as cook for about 10 mins to interpose a flavors. Pour a hot high seas over a okra, cool as well as enjoy. Its as simple as that!Photo by Angela Carlos