You know Tregaye Fraser as the newest member of the Food Network family, as well as you're surely familiar with her work as the self-described "queen of food alloy upon fleek." But did you know which her the one preferred TV uncover is Power as well as which she likes to taste upon hot wings late at night? We've got these fun contribution as well as some-more about the brand new Food Network Star. Read upon below to sense 10 pieces of top trivia, afterwards click here to find out six some-more fun contribution about Tregaye.Favorite Late-Night Snack: "Hot wings. I'm so simple."Favorite Smell: "Laundry"Guilty-Pleasure Food: "Chocolate cake. Triple chocolate cake, like the 12-layer [cake] with mad icing upon it. Oh, my gosh. And ice thickk cream upon the side."Best Advice You've Ever Been Given: "Be me."Strangest Thing in Your Refrigerator Right Now: "You competence find a little lobster corn muffins."Favorite TV Show: "Power"One Dish You Always Order Out as well as Never Make at Home: "Thai food"Favorite Burger Toppings: "Lettuce, cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup, daikon"Favorite Pizza Topping: "Spinach, feta, mozzarella, chicken"Favorite Food Location to Visit: "Right now, it would have to be California."More: Find Out 6 Additional Fun Facts About Tregaye