Youve seen him horde each single part of Chopped as well as Chopped Junior, as well as hes even flexed his in progress chops in the couple of After Hours appearances alongside the Chopped judges, though theres the lot you dont know about Ted Allen. Heres your chance to get to know the man who unceremoniously sends competitors to the chopping block.Before hosting Chopped, Ted Allen served as the regular decider upon Iron Chef America. Hes won an Emmy Award for his work upon Bravos Queer Eye as the food as well as wine specialist. As the horde of Chopped, hes won the James Beard Foundation Award for outstanding host. Hes written two cookbooks as well as has contributed to Esquire magazine (for which he was the finalist for the National Magazine Award), Bon Apptit as well as Food Network Magazine. But did you know theres almost no food Ted wont try, as well as which cheese is his absolute favorite? Hes also secretly wished he could be the lead thespian of the rock band. Find out which one, as well as get some-more engaging tidbits about this multifaceted horde with the most.Is there the single ingredient which you hatred in progress with?I mean, not really. You know, there are the little things you choose less often to buy. you mean, Im not interested in eating beef liver. If somebody unequivocally gifted cooked it, you would unequivocally eat it. One of the unequivocally nice trends in food these days is which some-more people are bargain the thought of nose-to-tail in progress as well as regulating the total animal as well as respecting this animal which gave its hold up so which you could have, you know, luxury food, as well as if you know what youre you do theres probably the great approach to prepare probably everything, in the pig. Im not an expert; you meant you dont get by upon the lot of chitlins, though Ill try almost anything. Im unequivocally open to food now. Ive been for the prolonged time.What plate or ingredient will you never catch you eating?No, there isnt unequivocally something which you wouldnt eat. Im not the food snob, though you do find though, the some-more time which goes by, if something isnt good, if the in progress isnt good, afterwards you only take the couple of bites as well as you stop. And if something is good, Ill stuff my face. you dont unequivocally eat the hulk volume of food, unless somethings unequivocally good.What was your most-memorable meal? What? Where? Who? Details, please.Ive got too most to equate to name one. you mean, Ive had fancy meals, as well as Ive had simple dishes which were only zero though unequivocally great cheese as well as the unequivocally beautiful square of bread.Whats your guilty-pleasure food?This competence be the single of my dignified failings, though you dont feel guilty about much. you dont have most time to worry about feeling guilty. Im not the hulk overeater. you had the birthday recently which constructed an enormous volume of cheese in my house, as well as for two days you had zero though cheese as well as crackers for lunch. So good. you dont feel guilty about food. you dont need to. You know what? you eat, you try to eat good-quality food, in mediation as well as with great variety. you dont hold in any diets or any fads, nourishment fads. you try to eat food thats real, as well as you take everything in moderation, together with moderation, as well as you dont know who pronounced which first, though Im going to suitable that, because you hold that. That competence go upon my tombstone.Is there the single plate which you regularly order out as well as never make at home?I have the unequivocally great Indian restaurant in my neighborhood, as well as while you do the little in progress from my Indian cookbooks as well as you love those flavors, you usually do outsource Indian. you usually outsource sushi, although you have rolled the little sushi in my time. Ive thrown sushi parties where friends make rolled sushi together.What kitchen tool can you not live without?Only recently in hold up did you find the sovereignty of the fish spatula, which is which slotted spatula with the angled, slightly curved as well as angled edge. Its great for fish, of course, though its also [useful], if you consider about, when you need to get which first brownie out of the pan, or which first chunk of lasagna out of the pan, the fish spatula does it perfectly.If you werent you do what youre you do today, what career would you have favourite to have tried?When you was flourishing up, you longed for to be the lead thespian of Aerosmith as well as you still do, actually, though its not likely to happen. If you could trade careers with anybody right now, Id similar to to trade my career with Ira Glass, if he would be so kind. His air wave programing, his journalism is so quirky as well as intelligent as well as timed as well as generous as well as probing as well as open as well as only the best.Whats your the one preferred food city?Too most to count, as well as another great trend, as well as you dont speak about trends much. The law is you had an astonishingly great meal in Columbus, Ohio, the month ago, the city of my birth. A city which you would not [have called] the food city 10 years ago.Whats your the one preferred late-night snack?Cheese. Absolutely.Whats your last-supper menu?Cheese . Fried chicken, crushed potatoes as well as gravy, as well as champagne. And the little vegetables. Maybe the nice salad with the nice sharp grained grained mustard vinaigrette upon it. That would be good.Whos your the one preferred chairman to prepare with?Almost anybody whos good. Its fun to prepare with friends. you mean, all my friends cook. Usually you kind of take turns, so theyre in progress for me or Im in progress for them.Rapid fire: Think fast!Ketchup or mustard? MustardChocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, when it comes to ice creamCoffee or tea? Coffee, though you similar to tea, tooBurger or prohibited dog? Burger, though you similar to the prohibited dog, tooCream cheese or butter? ButterSoda or water? 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