Horrors! Is your avocado toast obsession in danger? Will you shortly have to go cold turkey as well as humour whatever goods of withdrawal come with it? The shakes? The cravings? The hunger screaming from low in your soul?Thanks to a goods of El Nio, which produced droughts which weakened trees as well as lowered ripened offspring harvests in key areas, as well as a set upon by Mexican avocado farmers looking aloft pay, a U.S. avocado supply is struggling to keep up with demand, which has climbed in new years as Americans appetite for avocados has grown. (We used to consume about 1 bruise per person here in a U.S.; now per capita consumption is closer to 5 pounds, Southern California public radio hire KPCC reports.)Calling it a great avocado shortage, a San Francisco Chronicle notedthat while at this time final year about 45 million pounds of avocados per week were issuing into a United States from Mexico, this October which number was down to only about 8.5 million pounds a week, according to data from a Hass Avocado Board.As a result, prices in a little tools of a U.S. have skyrocketed, as well as a little restaurants have stopped portion a delicious spreadable fruit, stealing things like guacamole, avocado toast as well as avocado sandwich toppings from their menus. (One exception: Chipotle, although of course a chains business are used to paying extra for guacamole.)The great headlines is that, though it might take a little time, a necessity is expected to ease, as well as you can all go back to scarfing down the avocado toast with impunity.Addiction back on.Photo: iStock