Its just as easy to have a uninformed pasta salsa as it is to bring to boil water, interjection to a one-pot process in this weeks Most Popular Pin of a Week. All a mixture for a elementary tomato salsa think garlic, uninformed basil as well as chopped tomatoes have been baked at a same time as well as in a same pot as dusty pasta as well as water, permitting a flavors to mix seamlessly as well as quickly. The H2O acts as both a in progress glass for a noodles as well as a base of a sauce, whilst a addition of nutty Parmesan cheese at a finish of in progress helps thicken a mix. Bonus: This fuss-free dinner is ready to eat in usually 20 minutes.For more hearty recipe ideas, check out Food Networks Lets Cook Comfort Food board on Pinterest.Get a recipe: One-Pot Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce