By Angela CarlosThis week upon Chopped Teen Tournament, 4 young chefs battled for the last mark in the Chopped Teen culmination as well as the possibility to win the $25,000 prize. The Chopped Champion hopefuls put their in progress skills to the test, branch pairings, such as Linzer torte cookies as well as rabbit in the can, in to something worthy of the critical judges plates as well as palates.In the snack turn the three remaining competitors opened their baskets to find bison dress beef not so unusual, deliberation the canned rabbit the contestants worked with in the appetiser round. However, this dress beef proved to be the undoing for the small as well as the salvation for others when it came time to judge their technique.Skirt beef is the tricky cut for the small cooks. It requires knowing the small bit about the beef prior to your begin to cook. For one, its thin. It needs usually to kiss the griddle to be baked through. Second, it has lots of junction tissue. Slicing the beef is as important as the in progress temperature.Quick in progress methods work best, which is because Shawnas deep-fried bones roll worked out well, though the intense approach heat from grilling is also an excellent option Elianas chosen method. Unfortunately for her, the competition didnt leave much time for correct resting.If you want to cook the dress steak, even the bison dress steak, like the Chopped Champion, follow these elementary tips:1. As with any piece of meat, deteriorate well.2. Heat is key: prohibited pan, prohibited grill. Everything simply contingency be preheated.3. Skirt beef is skinny as well as cooks in just the couple of minutes, a single to five mins per side depending upon thickness.4. Rest your steak, so the juices have time to redistribute as well as dont run out onto your cutting board.5. Finally, cut your beef against the pellet for tender bite.Tune in to the culmination of Chopped Teen Tournament upon Tuesday during 10|9c.Photo by Angela Carlos