Chips as well as dip, carrots as well as ranch, maybe the ripened offspring platter these have been all excellent party starters. Theyre great ones, actually. But when it comes to legal holiday parties, sometimes we like to up the appetizer ante the bit, all while keeping it casual as well as easy, of course. On this mornings all-new episode of The Kitchen, the co-hosts introduced the contingent of break mixes that have been the kind of next-level recipes that will renovate your seasonal spreads. Combining dual party-time favorites booze as well as bites the co-hosts done 3 cocktail-inspired break recipes that range from savory as well as salty to sweet as well as oh so crunchy. Read upon below to find out how they turned the Bloody Mary, the White Russian as well as the tequila-based cocktail into eat-with-your-hands nibbles. (Spoiler: It all comes down to spiking, pouring as well as mixing.)Bloody Mary Cocktail Snack MixThe flavors we know as well as love in the classical Bloody Mary have been well-represented in this big-batch mash-up of rice cereal, bagel chips as well as pretzels. Just as tomato juice as well as vodka form the bottom of the drink, this break brew is done with tomato pulp as well as vodka, as well as the couple of splashes of Worcestershire sauce, that deliver the salty, deeply umami flavor we love in the Bloody Mary. Once the reduction is warmed, its poured over the munchies, that get microwaved for just the couple of mins so the flavors can marry.Tequila-Lime Cocktail Snack MixTequila, fresh lime juice as well as the feverishness of the jalapeno brew in this quick-fix mix, just as they mostly do in the spicy margarita. The further of butter helps blend those flavors together before theyre poured over tortilla chips, popcorn as well as corn cereal.White Russian Cocktail Snack MixTheres no denying the craveable sweetness in this sugar-dusted break mix. Like the dear cocktail, this break is laced with coffee liqueur, though theres also copiousness of melted chocolate. That reduction blankets rice cereal as well as popcorn, that get tossed in powdered sugarine for the snowlike effect.Tune in to The Kitchen upon Saturdays at 11a|10c.