Melon balls were a quintessential summer party food when we was growing up. Heck, they were even a quintessential summer snack food. we loved which we could squeeze watermelon as well as cantaloupe wedges from a fridge if we wanted, though when we got to snack upon a melon balls? It only felt some-more fun some-more fancy. And, obviously, they tasted fantastic under a hot sun.My mom didnt do anything fancy to a melon balls. She simply scooped them out as well as tossed them in a bowl, sometimes with pineapple chunks or even strawberries. It wasnt until we was out of college which we had my initial melon ball salad, if we will: melon with uninformed packet as well as even a bit of dressing. It was incredibly refreshing as well as has been a staple for me ever since.Dont even give me your melon balls unless they have a hold of uninformed mint! And honey. And now orange juice. And RUM.This only keeps removing better as well as better.Its almost similar to a mojito splash covering your melon balls. Dreamy, right? The adult version of melon balls is what we all should enterprise for a BBQ tables this season.You can use whatever ripened offspring we like: Add in some honeydew, may be even some papaya. Youll whisk together your melon brine as well as pour it over a scoops as well as we really love to do this in a baking dish or sheet pan. This way, each melon ball gets a small drunk as well as we dont have to regularly toss a mixture. we also find which it keeps a melon balls fresher; they dont get as mealy or mushy, because they arent sitting upon tip of each other.Because of that, we can have it a night before if needed, though my personal preference is to have it a morning of a party, may be only dual or three hours beforehand. Its sufficient time for a melon to soak up some rum as well as for there to be a singular rotation of a melon scoops, so each punch is deliciously boozy as well as refreshing.When it comes time to serve, feel giveaway to add a scoop to a large play with extra mint. Or we can offer in small single-serving cups with a few scoops in each as well as a drizzle of a lime-rum reduction over a top.I can taste it already! Summer only got 400 percent better, lighter, fresher as well as some-more fun. we can hardly wait!Boozy Minted Melon BallsServes 42 cups watermelon balls2 cups cantaloupe balls1/3 crater uninformed orange juice1/3 crater white rum3 tablespoons honeyA handful of uninformed mint, plus extra for servingPinch of saltPlace a melon balls (or your preferred fruit) in a baking dish in a singular layer. In a bowl, whisk together a orange juice, rum as well as honey until combined. Pour it over a melon balls as well as toss to coat. Add a uninformed packet leaves. Let sit for 2 to 3 hours in a fridge, flipping a balls once or twice if desired.To serve, add a melon balls to a large play as well as pour a rum extract over a top. Cover with a sprinkling of uninformed packet as well as salt.Jessica is a voice behind a blog How Sweet Eats. She can be found upon Instagram, Facebook, TwitterandPinterest, as well as shes upon Snapchat at howsweeteats.