Root for a home team as well as eat like them too. These potato skin recipes have been desirous by each NFL teams home turf. Food Network Magazine took iconic dishes consider Coney Dogs, cheesesteaks as well as prohibited wings as well as reinvented them in to potato skin toppings. Here have been some fan favorites.Buffalo Bills: Hot Wing Potato Skins (pictured above)These potato skins have been loaded with Buffalo wing flavors though a chicken, so theyre perfect for vegetarian tailgaters. Youll tip a scooped-out potato wedge with blue cheese dressing, cayenne prohibited sauce, as well as chopped celery as well as carrots. Its so hearty you wont even skip a wing. Detroit Lions: Coney Dog Potato SkinsHot dogs hold an iconic place in Detroit cuisine, as well as this potato skin recipe is just as disorderly as well as flavorful as a classical Coney Dog. These skins have been surfaced with chopped prohibited dogs, chili, diced onions, yellow mustard as well as shredded cheddar cheese. Make sure to grab a napkin! New England Patriots: Maple-Bacon Potato SkinsThe Patriots have fans all over a Northeast, together with those in a maple syrup collateral of America: Vermont. Maple syrup does double duty for this potato skin. It amps up a classical cheddar-bacon combination as well as pays loyalty to one of a Patriots most home states. New Orleans Saints: Muffuletta Potato SkinsItalian immigrants brought this tainted meat-and-cheese sandwich to a city of New Orleans, though they substantially never planned on swapping Sicilian-style bread for potatoes. For these skins, youll tip scooped-out potato wedges with provolone cheese, various deli meats, tainted olives as well as sliced pepperoncini. Philadelphia Eagles: Cheesesteaks Potato SkinsSkip melted cheddar as well as reach for a Cheez Whiz to have these potato skins taste like a genuine deal. Youll pile these wedges with sauteed onions, roast beef as well as Worcestershire sauce prior to commanding them with plenty of warm Cheez Whiz. The disaster will be worth it.Want some-more wedges? Find potato skins desirous by all 32 NFL teams here.