Though Alton Brown frequently makes a Bobs endure all manner of evilicious escapades in a name of sabotage upon Cutthroat Kitchen, upon tonights After-Show, dual of his sidekicks suffered nothing short of an epic conflict following a Camp Cutthroat 2 finale.To celebrate a fifth as well as last feverishness of his furious camp tournament, Alton waged a down-and-dirty war upon a top-two chefs in Round 3, complete with barbed wire, fox holes as well as grenades (aka H2O balloons). Just like chefs Daniel as well as Gabriel had to face off, so too did dual Bobs upon a After-Show, only a Bobs werent tasked with outcooking each other; they simply had to scurry their approach by Altons makeshift competition course, as a host called it. But only since Alton as well as decider Richard Blais werent about to competition by a mud doesnt mean they didnt suffer a little foe of their own. Im putting all of [my money] upon Crockett, Richard proclaimed, betting upon a Bob who donned a Davy Crockett-style faux-raccoon hat to win a race. Alton, however, showed his await for short Bob, he said, prior to moving to a stone perch to launch water-balloon grenades during a Bob with Richard.Were throwing these during a Bobs? Usually a Bobs have been you do stuff to me, a thrilled Richard pronounced of a H2O balloons when he realized how mightily a tables had turned for him. Hope which caps waterproof, Crockett, he joked. No sooner did Alton yell Go to signal a start of a competition did he as well as Richard start launching a balloons as well as scarcely not stop throwing them. While Alton forsaken a grenade action after Crockett Bob scored initial place in a race, Richard got caught up in a excitement, continuing to heave balloons one after another prior to in conclusion collecting his $5 loot from Alton.Click a fool around button upon a video on top of to watch a Bobs go to war, as well as see Altons as well as Richards water-balloon tossing unfold.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays during 10|9c.