Guy Fieris receiving us upon the outing to Flavortown, as well as this time its not upon the highway with Diners, Drive-Ins as well as Dives. Instead, the take the break of season is happening right during home. Hes known for bringing over-the-top confidant flavors to any dish he makes, as well as the bland duck dinner is no exception. Follow his lead as well as amp up the season during your next get-together with one of his fan-favorite duck recipes.Smoky Grilled Chicken Wings with Pickled Red Chiles, Dates as well as Fresh Mint(pictured above)It takes only three mixture rice booze vinegar, sugarine as well as soy salsa to pickle the chiles as well as dates which give these wings confidant layers of flavor.Big Buds Beer Can ChickenNot only for grilling, drink can duck functions well in the oven, too. Roast the bird with the half-full drink can inside of it to season the beef from the inside out as well as keep it super moist. Guy uses the dry rub as well as sliced bacon upon the outward to transform the skin.Couscous-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Feta, Sun-Dried Tomatoes as well as Kalamata OlivesGuy makes the pocket in duck breasts to stuff the beef with his cheesy couscous reduction featuring briny Kalamata olives as well as honeyed sun-dried tomatoes. Bonus: By in progress the couscous in duck broth instead of water, he guarantees an combined layer of season in each bite.Dirty Ps Garlic-Ginger Chicken ThighsA fuss-free ginger-soy salsa marinade is all you need to pack tons of season into this light recipe from Food Network Magazine.Chipotle Mango BBQ ChickenGuy uses the smoky-sweet brew of chipotles in adobo, bright mango as well as fresh cilantro as both the marinade as well as the side salsa for his ultra-tender chicken.BBQ Chicken PizzaA inexhaustible dash of scotch as well as the contingent of chiles give Guys homemade barbecue salsa bold, hazed flavor. He slathers the puree atop pizza dough prior to adding toppings similar to grilled chicken, honeyed red onions as well as abounding cheese.Guy Fieris Tequila-Lime WingsTequila as well as lime juice are key mixture in the margarita, though Guy updates this boozy brew by adding aromatic adobo as well as cumin to have the standout marinade (and sauce!) for proposal grilled wings.Pork as well as Chicken Paella VerdeGuys creative spin upon paella swaps the standard seafood elements for hearty proteins similar to ribs as well as duck thighs. A spicy verde salsa done from tomatillos, serrano chiles as well as poblano peppers gives the dish an combined kick.Three-Citrus Chicken Breast with Compound ButterCompound butters aka butter infused with alternative mixture are the simple approach to add season to any dish. Follow Guys lead as well as marinate duck breasts in the mustardy bath done with lemon, grapefruit as well as orange. Serve them with his butter infused with the same citrus contingent for an extra-zesty bite.Jerked Chicken KebabsBring the large flavors of Jamaican cuisine consider nutmeg, ginger as well as the burning Scotch carp peppers to your table with these simple duck kebabs. Dont tatter about the feverishness of the pepper, though; Guy balances the spice with the cool mango-lime salsa.Grilled Chicken Mole NegroGuy dresses up grilled duck with his birth mark negro, the abounding salsa done by consistent chiles, onions, spices as well as the hold of dark chocolate for the pointed sweetness similar to which found in traditional moles.