As you wind down duringthedog days of August, save yourself a step as well as stop cooking your summer corn. Youll notice which crisp raw corn kernels ambience sweeter than fully cooked or grilled corn. Raw corn is undiluted for salads, salsas as well as topping pizzas. Read upon for 4 raw corn recipes youll wish to make before summers over.Fresh Corn as well as Tomato Salad(pictured above)Raw corn balances out a acidity of summer tomatoes as well as vinegar. For this salad, youll begin by whisking together a white wine vinaigrette. Shave uninformed ears of corn as well as mix a kernels with tomatoes, mozzarella as well as scallions. Toss it all with a dressing as well as youll have a uninformed summer salad in thirty minutes.Corn as well as Pasta SaladIn thirty mins you can have a colorful as well as flavor-packed pasta salad interjection to this recipe. It combines a most appropriate of summer produce, together with raw corn kernels as well as uninformed tomatoes, so you can make use of up your summer haul before a seasons over.Pinto Bean Salsa SaladStir together protein-packed pinto beans, honeyed corn as well as uninformed tomatoes for a quick plate which requires little more than a orange extract as well as olive oil dressing. Serve this plate as a salad or break out a tortilla chips as well as eat it as a corpulent dip.Corn PizzaThis pizza facilities summers freshest flavors. Youll tip a store-bought pizza dough with sliced mozzarella, garlic as well as raw corn. Once a pizza is finished baking in a oven, sprinkle uninformed basil upon tip for an one more cocktail of color.