Following tonights brand-new fried-food episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, a After-Show started innocently enough: Judge Jet Tila had his selling basket in hand, ready to take upon a pantry as well as accumulate ingredients to cook. This regularly gives me anxiety, he admitted. And no earlier did a judge voice that acknowledgment did he begin to experience a all-too-familiar suffering of horde Alton Browns eviliciousness. First up: a basket. Alton ditched it as well as instead saddled Jet with a long-billed fish onto that he had to thread his pantry ingredients. From there a incident simply turned some-more as well as some-more diabolical.Bring in a giant duck leg, please, Alton called out as Jet attempted to begin his tempura-fried shrimp. Sure enough, Jet found himself about to prepare with one leg inside that oversize duck leg, but he took it in walk until Alton gave him yet another sabotage, a duck wing, of course. Oh, come on, Jet proclaimed. Im starting to cheat, he added, resorting to regulating both of his hands to prep, yet a aspirant wasnt so lucky in a cooking round. With both hands in motion, Jet managed to prep his shrimp as well as a analogous batter, as well as a incident looked manageable. But then eviliciousness struck again: Enter a churro Bobs. Call your Bobs off! Jet pleaded with Alton as two Bobs sandwiched Jet as he attempted to move about a kitchen. Both a judge as well as a horde managed to benefaction fried shrimp, yet Alton wasnt shy about proclaiming that he suspicion was a strongest. (Spoiler alert: It wasnt Jets shrimp.)Click a fool around symbol upon a video above to watch Jet continue harm after sabotage, as well as check out a shrimp that Alton as well as Jet presented.Tune in to a premiere of Camp Cutthroat upon Wednesday, Aug. 24 during 10|9c.