Many of us consider grapefruits natural granular mate to be sugar. But it seems generations of Americans were some-more prone to span their grapefruit with another easy-to-sprinkle crystal: salt.In fact, in a post on NPRs The Salt blog (which is not, of course, a blog only about salt), scholarship historian Nadia Berenstein dubs grapefruit as well as salt an unlikely power couple, noting thatduring much of a 20th century marketers linked a two, claiming a latter was able of creation a former ambience sweeter.While a organised marriage might have had much to do with circumstance (sugar rationing during wartime as well as all that), it also has a little great scholarship behind it, Berenstein notes. She explains as follows:Because a ions in salt retard a little of a ambience receptors in a tongue, salt might lessen a capability to acknowledge bitterness, creation food ambience sweeter. On a cognitive level, Berenstein says, bitterness as well as sweetness inhibit each other. Consequently, a some-more sour something tastes, a reduction honeyed we perceive it to be, as well as clamp versa.Whats more, salt might chemically alter a watery food such as grapefruit, helping to describe airborne volatile molecules as well as thus creation them easier to inhale in as a fruits fragrance. And of march smell is a large part of taste.Salting ripened offspring is common in many tools of a world, Berenstein writes. She suggests that, although salting grapefruit has fallen out of preference in a sugar-obsessed U.S., loading a foods we eat with high-cal sweeteners is falling out of favor, as well as grapefruit as well as salt might be ripe for a reunion.May be worth giving it a fair shake, anyway.And hey, heres a recipe which tops grapefruit with both sugarine as well as salt who says we cant have it all?Photo: iStock