Pub Royale (Chicago) The first thing patrons check when they enter Pub Royale is a breeze list at a behind of a India-inspired pub. Thats where a house displays a swath of low-bitterness beers as well as ciders because they span best with a sharp Indian food coming out of a kitchen. Cocktails, as well similar to an Iced Royale Chai, with whiskey, coconut, chai, cinnamon as well as black pepper can tame a heat. One of a most-popular dishes, Gobi Manchurian, is a preferred club snack, with crispy cauliflower, honeyed as well as sharp Manchurian sauce, sesame as well as cashews. Other favorites embody a buttered paneer, India hot chicken, mussels as well as naan, as well as salt cod samosas. Photo pleasantness of Martha Williams