New Orleans is a good food town as well as a Big Easys large pride in a culinary pleasures apparently reaches approach over a extraordinary eateries as well as into a minor-league ball stadiums.The New Orleans Zephyrs, a triple-A affiliate of a Miami Marlins which makes a home in a Crescent City suburb of Metairie, Louisiana, recently invited fans to indicate a new name for a team. After whittling down a list of due monikers, a group has unveiled a 7 finalists, mouth-watering a public to vote for their favorites upon a teams website.Among a 7 finalists are, asEater has forked out, five food-related names: The group could be a Baby Cakes or King Cakes (both of which pay tribute to those Mardi Gras cakes with a plastic babies inside), a Crawfish or a Red Eyes (two names for a lovable as well as juicy critters New Orleans holds festivals to celebrate), or, for sandwich lovers, a Poboys.Now, we might be asking yourself, What, no Beignets or Caf au Laits? No Jambalayas or Etouffees? Alas, no. If we dont like those five names, your only two other options have been a non-food-focused Night Owls or Tailgators.You can vote for your favorite, through July 8, upon a Zephyrs website. The team, which is part of a Pacific Coast League, will adopt a newly selected name for a 2017 season. Not which a Zephyrs is such a bad name, really.Photo courtesy of @MiLB