Save your canned tomatoes as well as mixed sauces for winter, when ripe-off-the-vine tomatoes have been impossible to come by. Now that were in a heightof summer, were taking each opportunity to devour this ruby-red fruit in its freshest forms, as well as preferably a same day we buy it (or shortly thereafter). Whether we get your tomatoes from a grocery store, a farmers market or your own garden, these healthy recipes will enthuse we to make use of this essential summer ingredient in smooth soups, hearty salads as well as more. Here have been just a couple of of a favorite applications.Stuffed Cherry TomatoesIf we can get your hands upon a little ancient artifact tomatoes or improved yet, if theyre flourishing in your garden put them to make use of inFood Network Magazines easy summer appetizer. Each chopped tomatoes is pressed with a salty brick of feta cheese.Bruschetta with Tomato as well as BasilRachael Ray rubs toasted baguette slices with garlic before piling upon her uninformed tomato-basil topping. Youll love a textural contrast in between a crunchy bread as well as a juicy chopped tomatoes.Tomato SalsaDip your chips in to Ellie Kriegers five-minute salsa, that comes together in a blender with uninformed plum tomatoes, jalapeno, lime extract as well as a little olive oil. Sure, openinga jar of store-bought salsa is easier, though save that fallback for colder months whenfresh tomatoes have been hardto come by.Crustless Caprese QuicheFood Network Kitchen offers a mealworthy riff upon a classic caprese salad in a form of this creamy quiche. By forgoing a crust, we not usually reduce a preparation time though also save poignant calories. Before baking, accoutre a tip with thinly sliced plum tomatoes for an eye-catching dish.Caprese SaladOf course, its perfectly fine to highlight tomatoes in their simplest form: sliced, lightly dressed as well as interspersed with uninformed basil as well as mozzarella. Whether served as an appetizer, a side or a quick, light lunch, this deconstructed salad is sure to hit a spot any day of a week.Spicy Green Tomato-Avocado SaladWhy should red tomatoes sow a spotlight? Top off thisall-green salad of mache lettuce, avocado as well as juicy green tomatoes with a spicy-sweet jalapeno dressing.Spicy Fettuccine with Tomato SauceThere may not be any pasta here, though thin ribbons of zucchini have been a pretty credible stand-in. The sauce, a flavorful mix of pureed tomatoes as well as corpulent chopped tomatoes, does wonders to enhance a delicate zucchini ribbons.Charred Tomato GazpachoGazpacho is traditionally done with tender tomatoes, though in this version from Food Network Magazine a tomatoes have been charred upon a grill, that infuses a soup with a smoky flavor.For some-more uninformed twists upon summer tomatoes, check out these recipes from a friends:Feed Me Phoebe: Steamed Clams with Chorizo, Tomatoes as well as KaleThe Mediterranean Dish: 10 Fresh Tomato Recipes with a Mediterranean TwistThe Mom 100: Pasta with Fresh Tomato SauceHomemade Delish: Roasted Tomato as well as Poblano SalsaThe Wimpy Vegetarian: Easy Summer Tomato Tart with Artichoke SpreadThe Heritage Cook: Tomato as well as Cucumber Summer Salad (Gluten-Free)Devour: Praise Caprese with 6 Twists upon Tomato SaladCreative Culinary: Fresh Tomato Summer PieIn Jennies Kitchen: Classic Caprese SaladNapa Farmhouse 1885: Tomato, Peach & Melon SaladTaste with a Eyes: For Tomato Lovers OnlyFN Dish: The Best Fresh Tomato Recipes You to Make, Like, Right Now