Show your nationalism during a 2016 Gamesby putting a ring upon it. In respect of a Olympic Games, make recipesin a figure of a Olympic rings. Garnish these ringed dishes with a trademark colors (or red, white as well as blue!) to give your presentation a first-place finish. Go, team!Homemade Glazed Doughnuts (pictured above)Start this recipe a night prior to so a mix has time to rise prior to moulding it into ring or doughnutholes. After frying a rings, youll make a elementary glaze with powdered sugar, water as well as vanilla extract. You can supplement food coloring to a glaze in hues that simulate a signature trademark of a Olympics.Oven-Fried Onion RingsYou wont feel any shame snacking upon these boiled onion rings. Sliced sweet yellow onions have been dredged in flour, afterwards buttermilk, afterwards a panko breadcrumb-olive oil mixture prior to baking at 450 degrees F. The outcome is crispy rings without a greasy mess. If only colored ketchup were still trendy.Crispy Squid with Garlic, Chile as well as BasilAlexs crispy calamari rings get a kick from chile oil.Battered as well as deep fried, youll indulge asyou watch others face hurdles of chosen athleticism. Garnish a rings with thinly sliced lemon as well as basilleaves to cover two trademark colors in one dish.Jelly Doughnut Bundt CakeViewing celebration guestswill love this Bundt baked sweat bread with a surprise inside.In further to a cakesshape, a raspberry stuffing gives any cut a ringed outcome when placed upon a plate. Start this baked sweat bread prior to a days games proceed so we have sufficient time to let it bake as well as cool prior to adding a filling.Tortellini SkewersThese bite-sized appetizers have been easy to make as well as undiluted for feeding a crowd. Usespinach tortellini surfaced with bright-green pesto for a immature rings. Skewersummer tomatoes of varying colors foran one more pop of color.Charred Pineapple RingsFire up a griddle to cook fresh summer produce. These pineapple rings couldnt be easier: Simply brush any side with unfeeling oil, afterwards griddle any side for 3 minutes until we see a char. Your yellow ring is complete.Semolina WreathsInstead of topping thesering-shaped cookies with holiday nonpareils, make use of Olympic-colored sprinkles. Arrange a cookies in a figure of a trademark for afestive presentation.