This week upon Foodie Call, Justin takes us (and David LaForce, executive cook at El Vez as well as winner of NYChiliFest 2016) behind home, home upon the range, with the chili inspired by cowboys. Justin thinks he can impress the chili hold up with the recipe that operates almost similar to the magic trick.Justins chili brick relies upon the conventions of hold up upon the route without, we know, the refrigerator. By preserving mixture in suet (yes, the fat we competence find in birdseed), 19th-century cowboys done portable, shelf-stable bricks of chili that could be sliced as well as hydrated in the cast-iron skillet. Justins chronicle gets the little extra help from the emulsifier xanthan gum, as well as we dont even have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy it. Watch more episodes of Foodie Call as well as see Justins dramatic culinary transformations here.