Though a weather outward is steamy, we neednt wait for a cooler months to make a pot of chili. The secret to enjoying this hearty bowl in a summer is opting for lighter, fresher ingredients than a usual bases of chicken as well as beef. By opting for a veggie-packed version, we get a same depth of season but with a anniversary feel.Food Network Magazines Summer Vegetable Chili (pictured above) is elementary to make, as well as distinct stews that need hours of simmering, its ready to eat in a hurry. A mix of bold flavors consider chili powder, cumin as well as poblano chile adds a subtle feverishness to a corn, bean as well as tomato mix. Portobello mushrooms as well as pinto beans supplement an worldly season as well as hearty texture while keeping a dish meatless. Finish a chili with a shower of cheddar as well as a dollop of cool sour cream as well as offer with warm tortillas for gratifying results.Get a recipe: Summer Vegetable Chili from Food Network Magazine Meatless Monday, an international movement, encourages people everywhere to cut meat a single day a week for personal as well as heavenly health. Browse more Meatless Monday recipes.