Some people have been unequivocally in to makeup. Some (maybe all?) have been unequivocally in to cakes. And a substantial number of people, it turns out, have been unequivocally in to makeup cakes.Whats a makeup cake, you ask? Why, a baked sweat bread which is decorated to look similar to its lonesome with full of color lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, brushes, compacts as well as even bottles of spike polish mostly artfully crafted regulating fondant. Instagram as well as Pinterest have been rife with examples.Mashable has called makeup cakes a glam brand new dessert trend. Refinery29 dubs them delicious-looking. PopSugar warns which seeking at them may inspire a selling spree (or a cake-eating binge!).And have no mistake, although some makeup cakes have been rather generic, there is a lot of makeup brand faithfulness on display on these cakes. Youll find succulent tributes to Mac (many, many, many, many, many, many, most of them), Chanel (again, no shortage),both Mac as well as Chanel, Giordani Gold, as well as even a makeup store brand Sephora.Love makeup, though cakes not your thing? No worries. There have been additionally makeup cupcakes as well as makeup cookies.Primping never tasted so good.Photo pleasantness of @chipsys_oven