While a rest of a world is losing their mind over pumpkin-flavored all (um, ChapStick?! No, thanks), we cant stop freaking out over my love for apple cider. And allllll a apple cider things.Apple deteriorate is where its at, as well as its right now! We have months left to celebrate pumpkin, but we need to get our hands upon a many appropriate apples right this notation as well as do a small more with them than slather them in peanut butter. You know?Heres a thing: we will apple cider anything we can get my hands on. Ive even turned it into a verb. You can find me apple cidering all fall. Whatever we wish to pumpkin, we wish to cider.Now, whilst this many often pertains to breakfasts as well as desserts as well as even tasty meals which we can grill, there is nothing similar to making a cocktail with apple cider. Or even a mocktail! When we was pregnant, we created a tasty cranberry juice cider punch which rivals some sangrias we have today. All interjection to a fresh cider. It tastes super sentimental to me but additionally similar to quintessential fall. Its a pumpkin piquancy latte to my Ugg boots.So, naturally, Ihadto mix it with bourbon as well as make a caramel salsa for ice thickk thickk cream whilst its still pretty prohibited outside. Even though a mornings have a chill as well as a evenings call for a sweater or wrap, a days are humid as well as prohibited with a Sep sun. Ice thickk thickk cream cones are still all a thing. Plus, we can add warm, melty caramel upon tip as well as make it a caramel sundae. Who needs prohibited fudge? Not I. Its almost similar to a prohibited toddy caramel sauce. Yessss.This is a easiest caramel salsa ever: Just throw all in a pot as well as stir. Bourbon, apple cider as well as thickk thickk cream might be a trifecta of tasty reduction to make a single heck of a dessert condiment. Incredibly fabulous upon their own, as well as afterwards when theyre together?! we can hardly mount it.Apple Cider-Bourbon Caramel SauceMakes about 8 servings1 crater brown sugar1/3 crater complicated cream1/4 crater bourbon1/4 crater apple cider1/4 crater unsalted butter2 teaspoons vanilla extractPinch of saltCombine all reduction in a saucepan over middle to low heat. Cook, stirring often, until a reduction bubbles as well as thickens, about 6 to 8 minutes. Remove from feverishness as well as let a caramel come to room temperature. Pour over ice cream!Caramel adapted from Ree Drummond.Jessica is a voice behind a blog How Sweet Eats. She can be found upon Instagram, Facebook, TwitterandPinterest, as well as shes upon Snapchat during howsweeteats.