We are down to a final 3 Food Network Star competitors: Jernard, Tregaye as well as Damiano. What a season! Idon't know about you, though we feel likethe cream has definitelyrisen to a tip in this pack of finalists. we only can't unequivocally confirm whothe winner will be.I have had a pleasure of co-hosting a good web series, Star Salvation, with Eddie Jackson, thedivine Food Network Star Season eleven winner. Together we putthe separated finalists by a series of a single some-more tests as a guidance routine prior to picking a single winning finalist to head back to a Food Network Star foe for a second chance.Eddie is all smiles as well as confidence, though he is additionally a difficult cookie! Together we explored each finalist'sculinary pointof viewand coaxedmore dimension in front of a camera.Truth? Morethan a single of theeliminated finalists deserved another moment during Stardom, though a single unequivocally brought it:ChefYaku. How can such a tallhuman turn almost small as well as vulnerablein front of a camera? It's a elementary answer: adore offood. The male only gets so in to his cooking as well as pity his recipes!He isthe viewable winner of Star Salvation. And now, only as a 3 finalists emerge for their final pre-finale test, out walks Yaku to jointhe competition.The mission in this episode? Make a plate in 60 mins which embodies theirpoint of view. Then, makea video (only one-minute long!) in which theydescribe as well as eat theirdish. Piece of cake, right?!Yaku creates a "kitchen sink" Jamaican Tortilla Soup which fuses Mexican as well as Jamaican flavors. we worrythat he is fusingtwocultures using 90 ingredients. It lookstasty, though is it too much? we do, however, adore how most Yaku has grown in a personal-expression department. He tastes a soup as well as says: "Oh, my God. Who let my grandma in here?" Too funny!Jernardmakes a single of his common "anti-spa" dishes:chipotle-glazed porkchops withmacaroni as well as cheese. It looks delicious. Watching Jernard cook, we like a way he takes impulse from his family smokehouse andjust dunks a porkchops right in to a sauce. If you're going to go for it, now's a time!Damiano creates a classic French-Italian St. Honor Cake butstruggles to collaborate with self-described "lunch lady" Rob. we think they outlayed some-more time searching for utensils than essentially baking! we do adore Damiano'sold-school technique of caramelizing layers ofpuff fritter for a cake by baking a mix in a high-heat ovenwith a generoussprinklingof powdered sugar.I learned to dothat workingin a bakery inFrance years ago,and it's a elementary technique which goes a long way.Damiano has a lot of these good baking as well as cookingtipsup his sleeve. But he is cranky!He tends to shutdown in front of a camera if everything isn't perfect. Life as well as food television, as we know, are riddled withimperfections. Can he rise to any occasion? His looks as well as food knowledge are tremendous, though is which a full package?Tregaye is a bundle of nerves as well as has been since Bobby prosaic out told her in Week 8, "Thisis yours to lose." When we participated in The Next Iron Chef, Bobby pronounced similar difference to me as well as we scarcely melted in to a kitchen floor.With which enrich comes good responsibility, as well as Tregayeis feeling which heat.I wonderif she can embankment her "on-fleek fusion" as well as only be herunadulterated self. we hope she sees which upon a horizon. She rarely creates a plate without corn, as well as we think roller as well as territory is a smart, protected bet.Do something elementary as well as do it well.She creates it brunchywith corn cakes upon a side. Interestingly, her sous chef, Monterey, tastes a corn cakes anddoesn't revealthat they are dry. Monterey additionally conveniently forgetsto season a beef she cooks for Tregaye.There are butt traps laid out everywhere in competition, as well as it's no different when someone else is helping we cook your (hopefully) winning dish.Tregaye's display is a bit forcedtoo.She spendstoo most of her time putting twosauces(whichshe never describes!) onher steakand generally doesn't invite a spectator in to her presentation. Nonetheless, Tregaye issuch a clever contender since she is filled with loyal happiness as well as spreading energy. Jernard is a lot smoother in this turn he unequivocally lets go. He seems to be wisely takingBobby's advice. Yaku is additionally so expressive, pity stories ofhis world travels, buthe has not staid upon what mixture will do a articulate for him.He is sent packing for his Jamaican-Mexican fusion dish. Yakujust needs a little some-more time to ripen upon a vine.Jernardearns a initial pilot, as well as Damiano as well as Tregaye win slots as well.I can't believe it's here already, though it's commander time for a winning three! Who better to helm which routine than a kingof food amatory andrelaxation, Guy Fieri? Guy is a gold standard forFood Network Star success. Damiano films in a bakery, Jernard talks Cajun as well as Creolecooking, as well as Tregaye reports from arestaurant-club place that's upon fleek. All were good initial stairs in Food Network Stardom, though two people makeme want to change a channel or go get some snacks, as well as a single keepsme glued to my seat. Do we know who which is?What about you? Who's your pick for a win? Tell me in a comments!